A Thank You from MaryAnn F. Kohl

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I wanted to share the comment that MaryAnn Kohl left after reading everyone's comments at the end of her interview

"The warmth â€" acceptance â€" appreciation â€" care â€" of the comments following my interview have inspired me to continue on in my focus of art for children!!! Sometimes it seems like a battle that cannot be won, with government and administrators taking away art, music, drama, and even recess. Thank you, everyone, Jean especially, for the chance to spout my fire! But more, thank you for the comments that have made me feel so very very good today. Even my own daughter snuck one in there. Talk about “feel-good”. I would love to do another interview sometime on ‘great artists’ or “great illustrators’ and how we can introduce kids to their amazing gifts. Thank you, everyone! I had no idea that this interview would bring peace and joy to me…it’s nice."

MaryAnn Kohl

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    Isn’t it lovely that we can give back? So glad to hear that Mary Ann was inspired. I ran out to the library and signed out a few of her books right away.

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    Thank you for the original interview as well as the posted thank you. How nice is that? Can I just say how much I am enjoying your blog! It is quite inspirational. I am a part of a moms with preschoolers group and so look forward to using some of your great ideas!
    Keep up the great work!!