An Artful Day

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tea party

Maia and I had a wonderfully artful day yesterday. Lunch turned into a tea party with her animal and doll friends. I have to say it wasn't entirely her idea. She wanted to share her food and tea with Polar Bear (who is sitting on a chair next to her, and not pictured), and I suggested bringing her other friends to the table as well for a full-blown tea party. You can see Mama Bear wearing Maia's lavender playsilk. This one playsilk of hers gets so much use that I really want to make more!

feeding birds

After her nap, we fed the birds and walked around the garden checking on all the bulbs. The dwarf iris danfordiae are beginning to bloom! And the crocus, grape hyacinths, daffodils, and alliums are sending out their leaves. I love spring!

painting pens

Later, while I was doing some laundry, Maia wanted to paint. So we got out the paint bin and she tried her new Elmer's Squeeze 'n Brush Washable Paint Pens that I bought at Bobbi's recommendation.

Maia had a hard time squeezing the paint out, even with both hands, and kept asking me to help her squeeze. She enjoyed using them though and I imagine she'll be able to squeeze them easily soon enough.


And later, she drew on her dog chalkboard (which I bought for her on half-price clearance at a local toy store) after going around the house first and collecting all of her chalk.

Some days are so completely un-artful (like the day last week when I had to call the police not once, but TWICE, to get Maia out of a locked situation!), that I really cherish the artful days.

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  1. Rachel says

    thinking of spring gets me excited about our new garden! another post idea: kids and gardening. justin’s been spending 95% of his time outside in the dirt with his shovels in the garden. would love some thoughts on this topic!
    so glad you had such a fun (and uneventfully safe!) artful day with maia, polar bear and all the rest!

  2. says

    Un-artful days are ok too…..just look at the wonderful fun you’re having minus the locked situation! I had to laugh because Leah locked both bathroom doors and her bedroom door behind her. We were running late and her shoes were in her bedroom. I had to unscrew and take apart all three doorknobs because a skewer would not work! Sounds like your situation was a bit more scary though.
    Keeps us young perhaps? One can only hope. Have a great day being artful or un-artful and what will be will be!