My February Ten

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Here's a list of ten things that make me happy in February and that keep me going through a long and rather dreary month. This list is inspired by Montessori Mama, who was in turn inspired by SouleMama. Thanks to both of you wonderful Mamas!

iris danfordiae

1. The first of my bulbs, little iris danfordiae, flowering and bringing bright yellow happiness to our corner of the world.

2. Cuddling with my munchkin first thing in the morning before any of us are fully awake.

3. New art supplies, especially fresh tubes of watercolor paints and new pads of paper.

4. A list of new art projects to try. I love lists! (in case you hadn't noticed) Just about any kind of list will do it for me, really. Even a list of cleaning projects around the house, although I dislike cleaning. I make lists for the day, for the week, for the year. I make lists of recipes to try, lists of things I'd like to do, and many, many lists of books I'd like to read.

tea party 2

5. Tea parties with Maia and her animal and doll friends.

6. Chocolate. This one will be on my list of ten (or even my list of one) every month of the year. Guaranteed. Especially milk chocolate, and sometimes paired with caramel. Mmm…

heart shirt

7. Getting out my sewing machine for the first time in a long, long
while and covering a stain on one of Maia's favorite shirts with a
heart and also sewing a fabric transfer drawing onto another shirt

harry and maia maia and me on seesaw

8. Exploring the western North Carolina mountains with my little family. We drove up to Hot Springs earlier this month and walked around and found a playground with a merry-go-round and a four-way seesaw. I didn't even know they still HAD playgrounds with merry-go-rounds! Of course we all had to try it. And the seesaw.

9. Friends who give hugs and bring apple bread when I'm having a bad week. Thank you!

cherry pie 5

10. And last, but not least, homemade cherry pie.

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  1. Kaely says

    I do that with my little one’s t-shirts too (and occasionally mine).
    After reading your post about the t-shirt transfers I went hunting for those crayons and I found some that work on natural fibers.
    Instead of coloring on paper and transferring, you color directly onto the t-shirt and then iron to press. We ordered a set and we’re going to give them a try. Just thought I’d pass it along. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh and chocolate would be on my list every month too. :)

  2. says

    Kaely, thanks for sharing the info on the fabric crayons that work on natural fibers! I’ll have to look into those. I wonder how easy it is to draw with them on fabric, especially for a toddler? Maybe if you held the fabric taut or taped it down…

  3. Kaely says

    I haven’t tried them out yet, but yes I was thinking the fabric would need to be held taut somehow. I’m planning on trying to tape it tightly around some cardboard for our first run. Also, the crayons look more like oil pastels than traditional crayons, I’m hoping they go on smoothly like pastels do too.
    We’re going test them out later this week.

  4. says

    I love this list. Came across it by googling “ten things that make me happy” – and what a pleasant surprise to find your february ten! It’s simplicity is charming and inspirational. Hope you are doing better. (Thank goodness it’s April, which at least for us here in Seattle, means we’re a little closer to SPRING!)