Some of Maia’s Art from Ages 1 and 2

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Maias Art Mosaic Age 1

As I said yesterday, I enjoyed going through Maia's old artwork and took photos of a bunch of them. Here's a montage of Maia's Art from age 1 (above) and from age 2 (below).

Maias 2nd Art Mosaic Age 2

The artwork runs the gamut from drawings with marker, crayon, and slick stix, paintings with fingerpaints, watercolors, and tempera, and collages.

Thanks to threesneakybugs forsending the link on how to create the photo montages!

Tomorrow I'll share the art that I framed, but for now I'm going to read books and play games with my sick munchkin…

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  1. threesneakybugs says

    I’m so glad you were able to make use of the link I sent. The montages look great! What a fun way to look at the kids art and see the changes they’ve made over time, be it color preferences, styles, or use of materials. I hereby pledge to be better at dating and storing my kid’s art.

  2. says

    I’m so inspired by your collections… my son is 8 months old, but I think we’ll be trying big crayons and fingerpaints soon just to see what happens. Thanks for sharing all your insights about facilitating your daughter’s obvious creative streak– I love the photos!