Fabric happiness

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Okay, so I should tell you first that we're not spending any more money. On anything. Really. We're tightening our belts and making do with what we have and trying to do a better job of making ends meet. I'm growing as much of our own food as possible this summer. And I'm going to start trying to make money (not spend it).

But, um, there was a yard sale this weekend. A FABRIC yardsale. This woman used to own a fabric store and had a garage full of vintage and other beautiful fabrics. I went yesterday with very little cash in my pocket and was very good and only bought a yard of fabric. But then I went back today when she was selling everything for $1 a yard and bought 25 yards of fabric! Wowee! I clearly can't be trusted where fabric is concerned. I'm not even sure what I'll do with 25 yards of fabric. But I'm envisioning skirts and dresses, pillows and curtains, bags and gifts, wall hangings and belts. Also a whole lot of time sitting behind the sewing machine. Do I have this time available? We'll see…

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  1. says

    Just think how much you will be saving in the long run by making all those clothes, gifts, and home decor items yourself! The time factor is always the challenge though…
    Speaking of living off the land, I’ve been having the best meals for days now with fresh lettuce and spinach from our garden. This is the first year my hubby has experimented with planting early spring crops first (spinach, lettuce, and some herbs and garlic), followed by the standard tomatoes, beans, melons, corn, etc. It’s worked out great, and we can’t believe the bunny family in our yard hasn’t beaten us to harvesting our yummy greens!

  2. miniaturequilter says

    Still too cold here to even plant everything (PA) but by the end of the month it should be warm enough. Great deal on the fabric, you will have it and can use it for all your projects, there is no way you can beat that price!!! The only thing I’m wondering, is where you can store 25 yards of fabric!

  3. says

    Yes, we’ve been eating so many greens too! Lettuce, swiss chard, chinese cabbage, and kyoto mizuna (an asian green I’d never heard of), as well as radishes, broccoli, and lots of herbs. And I ate my first pea yesterday! I can’t wait for the warm weather veggies.

  4. Dana Lee says

    You’ve caught the bug! I absolutely have no will power with gorgeous fabric.

  5. Thimbleina says

    I have been reading your blog for a little while now and found your ideas really inspirational as I never thought there were so many art ideas for those with toddlers. Anyway thought I would comment on this piece as I am so envious of all the really lovely fabric that was so cheap – I wish I could find a sale like that!