I need a name

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Here's what's on my mind today. A.) I've been going crazy with the freezer paper stenciling (see here and here if you haven't been reading), and B.) I need to make some money. So I'm thinking of joining the legions who sell stuff on etsy and see if I can at least pay for my crafting habit.

But first I need a name. One that suits me but is also unique and memorable. I'm not so good with names, so I'm asking for your help. Please.

Submit your ideas in the comment section by this Friday, May 23, midnight EST, and if I use your name, I'll give you your choice of one of the following shirts. Heck, I may even make one just for you (your choice of size, color, and favorite image).

By the way, although these are all bird shirts, I'm not planning to use only bird motifs. I might stick with nature themes for the most part, although I'm not completely sure yet. (I know this wishy-washiness isn't helping!) Also, I may include more than just stenciled shirts down the road. Maybe some sewn stuff (I have all that new fabric, after all), maybe some paper stuff…

So please post a comment (as many as you like) and help me brainstorm a name!

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  1. Kim says

    good for you! i love your freezer shirts… and blog…
    how bout something with jean ( isee your name on your shirt tag) like “bootleg jean”, “stonewashed jean”, “high rise jean”, “jean cutoffs”
    best of luck!

  2. says

    Oh, my, this is hard. . . Naturally Captured, Creating Together, Living Art, Busy Hands. . .
    still thinking. . .
    in the meantime– that bird’s nest is probably my favorite f.p. stencil ever!

  3. tif says

    So cute Jean! I love the nests especially. We’ve been observing a pair of chickadees who are nesting in a bird house that Lily Mike made. We’ve grown attached and I get a bit nervous each time one flies away for food – and watch to see it safely return! Anyway, I also love the word “chickadee”. Maybe it could be part of a name. Chickadee Couture? Chickadee Jean? Good luck with Etsy!

  4. Kayte says

    ‘Hatched Just Sew”
    I realized you’re not staying with the birds, but since you are starting there I thought it was cute.

  5. says

    I love that last one — artful crafts! It would be great to keep “artful” in the name… it’s like your signature!

  6. says

    I think something that is a play on your blog name: “Red Light, Green Light.” It evokes the children’s game, has colors in it and relates to the word “intersection.”

  7. Rachel says

    sounds fabulous, jean!
    “injeanious designs” (i gotta give my punny doug credit for that one)
    “artfulparent goes etsy”
    “artful jean” “artfully jean”
    “jean in a bottle” “jean out of the bottle”

  8. says

    Little Wonders
    Show and Tell
    Live Artfully
    Seen by Jean
    Love, Paint, and Sew
    I also love the bird nest design, how sweet. The onesies are adorable as well. Where do you buy your blank shirts?

  9. andreamcmann says

    I’m sorry, but I think you should go with The Artful Parent. You’ve already got a bit of a following on your blog here, and it would make things easier for everyone concerned. Your readers who wanted to buy something would only need to remember one name, and it never hurts to keep things simple. Just my two cents. :)

  10. says

    How about The Artful Shop or The Artful Closet (for clothing only)
    You can keep with the “Artful” theme in case you ever write books or e-books (The Artful Bookstore), etc.

  11. molly says

    How about Tiny Nest or Artful Nest (if you want to keep the Artful) — can you tell I love the nest design? Or possibly something bird related, since you seem to be drawn (no pun intended) to birds: A Little Birdy (or is it “ie”?), This Bird’s Eye, Bird’s Eye View or something similar?

  12. Rachel says

    honestly, i don’t think your name will cut out nonparents. people will find our etsy shop either through your blog, word of mouth, or by searching for specific items on the etsy search engine. when i search for things on etsy, i never pay any attention to the shop name… it never affects my overall purchase. i got to the shop by first being attracted to the item, not by the title. i think the title describes you but doesn’t say to a buyer that they need to be a parent. 4 more cents from rachel!

  13. says

    Artful Craft, Artful Designs, Artfully Made
    I think you should retain some part of The Artful Parent to lure all of us in ;) and make it easy for our weary parent brains to find ya but agree you don’t want to limit yourself to parents. Plus, you can have a link to your etsy store on TAP so no one will have trouble finding your store who reads yr blog. I think it’s wide open.
    good luck!

  14. Lisa says

    I am always trying to come up w/names for different endeavors- Kind of fun! (Mine is Primal Seams due to my clinical social work background and chaotic quilting stitches…)
    What about Simple Little Prints….. Tiny Cutouts…
    All of the submissions are great!

  15. says

    I like the idea of keeping “Artful” in the name. How ’bout “The Artful Shop” since you’re thinking of selling other items besides these lovely freezer paper stencils?
    I just jumped into the ETSY arena too (for my computer boycotting Dad, actually) and have learned a great deal in just a couple of weeks. Here’s a great article on naming your shop from ETSY itself: http://www.etsy.com/storque/article/1010/
    The main suggestion I’ve read in different places is to make your name identifiable to both you and your product and to keep it simple.
    Good luck, and I can’t wait to be able to buy some of the beautiful stuff you’ve been making!!

  16. says

    Thanks for all the ideas everyone!
    As for just going with The Artful Parent, what if I want to appeal to more people than just parents? Doesn’t that cut them out a bit? Also, would it make it sound like I just offer stuff for kids? -Jean

  17. Bobbi says

    I think “Artful Parent” would work, as when you get into writing books :) that’s what you will be known as. Though maybe you do want something a bit more catchy for a shop name. I liked Rachel’s idea about “inJeanious”, but I see that name has already been taken. I’m not feeling very creative just at the moment. My only suggestion is “A Full Nest”. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything else!

  18. Maureen says

    How about Artfully Yours? Although I want to win one of those BEAUTIFUL shirts, I have to admit I really like the Artful Nest and Artful Closet ones. Good luck – I will definitely be a future customer once you get your shop up and running.

  19. Heather says

    I like the idea of keeping ‘Artful’ in the title Can’t wait to see the shop–say how about some little boys 12-18mos/2T stuff?? :-D Good luck!

  20. TaMi says

    ArtC Studios, Studio ART-C… maybe something else will come to my mind. But, these come to mind first. Hope these can help in some small way.

  21. says

    I like “The Artful Shop” as Mary suggested. That way you still keep your “Artful” brand but you don’t have to worry about limiting yourself.
    And, since I would love to win one of your fabulous creations, I will submit my own idea, “Artful Creations.” Again, keeping with the “Artful” brand. Good luck!

  22. miniaturequilter says

    Creative Chickee (all the ckicken shirts!)
    Chicken and Peeps
    Since you may be going with wildlife theme, I think the name of an adult animal with the name of the baby (ex. Doe and Fawn) would be nice, and make your daughter feel included, it could represent you and her!

  23. Nessie says

    Artful Seasons.
    A Shirt for All Seasons.
    Season’s Freezings ;)
    I think you should do the stack of eggs or nest on a maternity top.

  24. Dana Lee says

    I see that Julie (ART IN HAND) also thought of “Artful by Nature” – my favorite. Or, how about “Artful at Heart” or “Naturally Artful” or “Simply Artful”. I’ll be one of your first customers. Etsy has been fun and profitable for me, so I’m excited for you!

  25. says

    How about something with a play on the word “artful” – like:
    -Pieces from the HeARTful Parent
    -The HeARTful Collection
    -Art with Heart (from a Mama with Soul)
    Just a few off the top of my head. I’ll think on it more.

  26. says

    I like “The Artful Parent” too, and–upon first consideration–don’t think it will limit you. It has the advantage of linking back to your blog and its personality (for those who are familiar with it), but also just describes you, which ultimately would describe your shop. I am not the most experienced etsy shopper, but I will say that all of the shops I have visited have been through someone’s blog. A cool name is a bonus, but not necessarily a marketing tool for me.
    All that said, I also like something that includes your first name because it is simple and pretty.
    And I looove Julie’s idea of “chic-a-tee.” How cute!
    That nest stencil IS the best ever! I agree that it would make a really cute maternity tee. Hmmm . . . I should have posted all of these comments separately to boost my chances of winning something cute! :)
    Best wishes with all of this–can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  27. says

    How about— Copy Cat—the stencil part is sort of like a copy? Its short and sweet and doesn’t fence you in. Good Luck!

  28. Melissa says

    I like the idea of sticking with The Artful Parent, simplicity is always the best in this online world. Or The Artful Parent-Tees…

  29. Amy says

    How about Maia’s Garden? I liked your recent post about her having her own “garden,” and you’ve been way into gardening these days, right? It also speaks to a nature theme in your products, but is not limited to just that if you decide to expand. You could also call it Jean’s Garden, but I like the cuteness of the reference to your daughter’s own little garden, and it kinda references the parent part, then, too.
    Artful Garden might be a way to keep the blog name connected?
    Good luck with whatever you choose!

  30. says

    I loved some of the earlier suggestions:
    ‘Copy Cat’ and ‘Artful by Nature’
    here are my suggestions:
    Art Full Designs
    Ima~Jean (Imagine)
    Shadow Shirts
    Congrats and PEACE,

  31. says

    Great shirts. Want that nest print as a maternity shirt–I’m just starting to show!
    How about The Feathered Nest. I know all your stuff won’t be bird related but theres a nice double entendre there since you’re trying to raise a little scratch with the shop.
    On another note. I am planning to start a toddler art group and knew I had run across your blog at some point but had not bookmarked and couldn’t remember. But I simply googled “Toddler Art Group” and your site was the first hit! Thought you’d like to know.

  32. camille Donochod says

    I Love your tees. I am local artist Mama and would love the orange one with eggs in medium…… and a kids one with the nest. Don’t know if you are selling yet or if you are doing etsy. Great luck to you. email me for a sale. Thanks, Camille

  33. says

    Hey Everyone – Thanks so, so much for all of your wonderful ideas! I’ve really had fun reading them. After all this though, I think I’ve been convinced to just stick with The Artful Parent for now. Which means I get to offer a t-shirt to my friend Andrea for suggesting my own name!! :)

  34. dianna ilk says

    hens and chickens. named after the plant, it captures the adults and kids, their clothes, the designs, it is sweet…

  35. says

    I couldn’t think of one unique idea. Dang. Where has my brain gone????
    did you pick something yet? i’m much better at helping to narrow a name down … so if you want to brainstorm let me know.