Sewing at the beach

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First, I had to share with you my favorite photo of all from the trip — Maia and Aunt Jenny doing yoga / acrobatics on the beach. It has nothing to do with sewing, but isn’t it great?!

In my last post I said that we did some sewing at the beach. I brought some embroidery thread and did some simple embroidery–mostly around stencils and appliques for the shop. We also packed Maia’s sewing / lacing cards because sometimes she wants to sew when I do. She used them a lot on the drive down (they are a great quiet activity for the car) but not as much when we were there. Her Auntie Sarah laced them up though and hung them up around the beach house!

Some of my sewing and Maia’s sewing. I also give Maia real fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop sometimes and a real needle (usually a bigger embroidery needle), an idea I got from SouleMama’s book. It works out well and Maia hasn’t pricked herself yet.

I’ve added a few new shirts to my shop that I worked on during our trip, including this little birdie in blue outlined with yellow embroidery. And I’ll work on the special requests this weekend. By the way, click here if you want to see a pic of a cutie pie in one of my shirts. Happy Saturday!

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  1. says

    Where can I get those lacing cards? I’ve been on the hunt for a good set for my girls … do not want anything easily destroyed, but don’t want anything cheesy, either. I was thinking Melissa and Doug set.
    Love the pic!

  2. Kathie says

    Hi — I was just flipping through The Creative Family yesterday during an outing to Malaprops. I hesitated about buying it till I read up on some reviews. What a weird coincidence that you should mention it on the very same day. Thanks.

  3. Thimbleina says

    Your holiday looked so relaxing! Also just thought I’d add a bit about the lacing cards that Amanda Soule’s book The creative family shows you how to make lacing cards by pasting a picture onto card or drawing your own picture then use a hole punch to make the holes, then use wool or string with sellotape wound around the top to make it easier to push through the holes

  4. says

    Good choice, Kathie. Amanda Soule’s book is one of my current favorites. Great activities and projects, great thoughts on family life, great everything!
    Thimbleina – I don’t remember her lacing cards. I’ll have to look back through the book…

  5. says

    Creativity knows no place! Looks like you are inspired wherever you go, that’s good! Anyway, how old is Maia? Maybe you should do a star fish design on your next craft project. There’s a lot of it at the beach too! Keep it up!

  6. says

    Hahaha! I love it! It’s very unusual for me to see a kid doing yoga, and at the beach too, huh? Yeah, that was fantastic! :D I think it’s indeed a great place to do some acrobatics. Haha. The beach is a wide open space and it looks very serene. ;)