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Hello from the beach!

There's one spot on our screened in front porch where I get a wireless connection. It's probably coming from one of the neighbors, so shhh. But it's allowed me to catch up on emails a bit while Maia naps.

And now to post.

To tell you the truth, I was thinking of taking a complete break from blogging while on vacation. But I do have this wireless access after all… And I'm feeling very relaxed after being here for a few days. I think this is the first time I've missed a day since I started the blog in January. And not just one, but a few! I know I've used the word "obsessed" a lot lately, but I was (and am) just a bit obsessed about the blog.

I know a lot of you have blogs too. Until I started mine, I didn't even know what they were really and didn't read any. I started looking around as I was setting mine up–it was a whole new world to me! I even had to ask my tech savvy friend Molly to explain what a blog reader was.

I love blogging though. Taking a vacation and not posting for a few days has given me the distance to think about it a bit. When I'm not twirling Maia around on the beach or reading my favorite Banana Yoshimoto novel for the umpteenth time, that is.

Blogging allows someone to set up their own little corner of the web, put up a sign that says "mine", and to start writing/posting/sharing about whatever really makes them tick. And pretty soon some other people come along who say, "hey, yeah, I like that too." And you start connecting with others all over the world who are interested in similar things. I love it. And to think that until a few months ago I didn't even know about blogs except as an abstract concept–"another kind of website."

Blogs are great for people like me who are a bit shy and introspective. The kind of person who would probably fill a journal rather than pour their heart out to a group of people. And yet blogging gives me just enough distance to do that sometimes and to be okay with it. Not that I'm divulging huge personal secrets here, but still…

I'm a one-on-one kind of person. I often have a hard time speaking up in groups, but can have a great in-depth conversation with just one other person (from my perspective anyway). And when I post on my blog, I kind of feel that way–that I'm just talking/sharing with a friend. So thank you for being that friend. And thank you for all of your comments and emails over the past several months. I read them all and love them. I try to respond to them all, too, but know that I haven't always been great about that.

Anyway, thank you all for helping to make my blog an interesting place where I want to spend time. I've loved carving out my own little corner of the internet and sharing my love of art and beauty, my passion for giving kids access to art materials and complete freedom to create with them, my love of children's picture books, my curiousity about other artful people, and my own exploration of sewing and crafting.

This has been a way for me to find myself in a way and to focus on being more artful, but also a way for me to connect with all of you interesting people out there! A whole new world has opened up to me. I love sharing my world with you and finding out about your worlds. And learning that, hey, we're not so different after all! So thank you.

And before I get completely sappy, I'll sign off. I started this post intending to write about a puppet show that we took Maia too and about our time at the beach. but instead went off on an entirely different tangent. Maybe I'll write about the puppet show another time…

Thanks for listening, and take care, -Jean

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  1. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for just a couple of weeks now and I can’t even remember how I found you, but I liked your spirit and creativity and added you to my blog reader.
    I agree so much about the different things that blogs can bring us – a “safe” way to share for introverts, a way to focus and reflect on our own lives, and a way to meet new people.
    Just this weekend I met a woman at our adoption picnic – I recognized her kids because I’d been reading her blog for a couple of months! I introduced myself and she said, “Stop on back, and leave a comment this time.”
    So it’s important too, for those of us like me who are especially introverted, to take the time to comment too and make those connections. I have to do more of that, starting now by saying hi.

  2. says

    I’m new to your blog, and I just wanted to say thank you for the fun things you’ve provided. I sure do enjoy your corner of the ‘net. Smiles!

  3. says

    I love blogging for many of the same reasons you do, and especially love your blog for all the inspiration and art/craft ideas. Thank you for sharing your corner of the web!

  4. says

    Like you, I knew nothing of blogging until I started my own. I wanted a way to share our lives with friends and family back home but the blog has kind of taken on a life of it’s own and is so much more now. I have a great bunch of ‘virtual’ friends now and feel that I have met some wonderful people, it is great to know that there are like minded people out there!

  5. molly says

    I’m so glad you are obsessed with blogging because I’m obsessed with reading your blog! :) Hope you are enjoying your vacation.
    (On a totally different note, the shirt is lovely! I’ll send a picture.)

  6. says

    I’ve been lurking for a while, and have to say that this blog is a gift. Without it, I wouldn’t have found all the great art books that I’ve been tracking down lately, nor would I have been brave enough to get out the paints at a playdate a few weeks ago. Also, love Banana Yoshimoto! What book are you re-reading?

  7. Erin says

    This blog is fantastic. I’m directing everyone I can to it. Kudos and thanks.

  8. says

    I love reading your blog and feel similarly about blogging – I knew I’d love writing about what interests me but didn’t know this fascinating community was out there. I am obsessed with both blogging and reading blogs now! Love the applique/stencil mixes, btw. And so excited you set up an etsy shop.

  9. Sara says

    Thank you for sharing Jean. You put into words what I have been feeling. I enjoy your blog immensely!

  10. Itto says

    Thank you for your thoughts and also for your wonderful insprations!
    Me too, I feel quiet the same about blogging and I see a lot of good things in it, even that I am aware of the dangers it includes also (spending too much time with it, sharing too much privacy,…)… but it is just such a wonderful way to meet people all over the world, to inspire each other and to share same interests… so may God bless you and your blog!
    best wishes from Morocco.

  11. says

    thank you for putting into blogging words what I feel as well about writing a blog. Sometimes I think about turning off comments because I get a little crazy thinking “why isn’t anyone commenting… is anyone reading this?” but then I remember the whole reason that I started a blog was to write down what was happening with me, with my kids, with what I am inspired by and it really doesn’t matter what people think of what I have to say (although sometimes it’s nice to hear). So onward I blog. And so do you. And I DO appreciate your blog very much. It’s one that I find a lot of my inspiration on. so thank you and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  12. Jill says

    Thanks Jean for putting your ideas, projects, and inspirations out here. I check up pretty much daily and enjoy seeing your sunlit photos and cutie-pie Maia exploring and your art. I have been so energized lately by the artsy mama blogs out there and hopefully in the next few months may start my own. Keep up your artful exploration and know that your sharing is so inspiring to others.

  13. Andee says

    I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I have a great network of friends with similar interests thanks to blogging. I don’t comment often, but I read your blog daily and find lots of inspiration. Please keep doing what you are doing!

  14. says

    Enjoy reading your blog. I love to visit blogs about art, sewing, and inspriration. I have you as one of the visits I make frequently. Keep on posting. From someone down south in the bayou country.
    Visit my blog sometime.

  15. says

    I love blogging. It can become very addicting. I have two blogs. One is private except for a few people I have blogged with for years. The other has to be less personal because it is a part of my main website. I am addicted to both. The personal one is more for me than it is for my friends. I have some great thoughts as I am blogging there. The blog that goes with my main site is fun for me too. I get to talk more about things than I can on the site.
    This is the first time I have seen your blog. This is the first post I have read and so far I think I will really enjoy reading your blog.

  16. says

    Yes, it can be addicting, especially in that first year. You are especially good at it, too, which makes for a lot of pressure. Like why haven’t you updated in days!??!
    : )
    Have a great time at the beach; we’ll be here when you return. Take it easy and store up those creative ideas for future blog posts.