a flowery little dino

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This is what I was working on this weekend before I got the stomach bug. I can't say too much happened after. I am feeling a lot better now though and am trying to get back on track. And I need to clean the house. Ugh. So I'm keeping it short today. I'll try for something more substantial tomorrow.

Also, I just noticed that I'm coming up on my 6 month blog anniversary (Saturday)! The time sure has flown. I've had a blast, have learned a lot, and have met so many wonderful people. I know that proper anniversaries are annual, but I'm one for celebrating the half years, too.

Take care.


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  1. Andrea McMann says

    Yay! Six months!! It’s gone fast, hasn’t it?? That flowery dino is adorable! Can you sometime, maybe explain a bit about how you do those appliques, for all of us applique-challeged people out there? (If it wouldn’t infringe on your Etsy store business). I’ve never tried an applique, and am hesitant, because I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.

  2. says

    Thanks for your comments! Andrea, appliques are pretty easy to do although there are different ways to do them. I talk about it a little bit here: http://artfulparent.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/altering-toddler-clothes-with-funky-chickens/. You can just cut a shape out of fabric and sew it onto your shirt (or whatever) using a straight stitch (for some cool fraying along the edge), a zig-zag stitch (no fraying), or turn the ends under a little as you go (for a neater look and no fraying). I use an iron-on pellon first to adhere the fabric to the shirt to hold it in place while I sew and avoid puckering, etc. The pellon comes with instructions. Hope this helps! -Jean