Camping and Biking Along the Virginia Creeper Trail

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Hey, did anyone catch that I completely jumped the gun on my blogiversary? If so, maybe you were too polite to mention it. On our drive north to Virginia, I realized that it was only The Artful Parent's 5 month anniversary!! Talk about embarrassing. Anything with a blog is so public. Oh well. It felt like it had been 6 months.

We had a great camping and biking trip in Virginia. We went with two other families from our art group and shared a couple of adjacent campsites. The three kids played in the hammock (you can see Stella and Maia above; Thalia is hiding beside them) while we set up camp and cooked.


They also got plenty of water time, first at the campground lake, then at the river along the Viriginia Creeper Trail. We biked half the trail (17 miles) from White Top to Damascus with the kids in pull-behind chariots. The ride was beautiful and easy (mostly a gentle downhill), a combination of wooded wonderland and pastoral fields.

The photo above is from our picnic lunch spot, where the kids spent more time throwing rocks in the river than eating.

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  1. Rachel says

    yeah! so glad you guys had fun. hope we can work it out to join you next time! d actually came down w/strep this wkd! so he did no traveling and we’re glad we were home! talk to you soon.

  2. andreamcmann says

    That’s so fun! When I went camping, I discovered that my son is quite the firebug. I literally had to drag him away from our campfire! Several times!!!
    Did you use a tent or a camper?