What’s Your Favorite Kids’ Nature Project?

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Sharon Lovejoy, author of my favorite children's gardening books, is asking for our help. She e-mailed me to say she is in the throes of writing the nature chapter of her new book, The Green Granny Gospels, and would like readers to write in and share their favorite nature project (art, exploring, journaling, etc) done with their children.

So please head over to Sharon's blog and share your favorite nature project with her!


Everyone who does so by her deadline of July 10th will be entered into a drawing for three of her books: The Little Green Island with the Little Red House, Hollyhock Days, and A Day in the Garden  (her illustrated blank nature journal). She will sign the books however the winner wants them signed.

The drawing is at Sharon Lovejoy's blog, not here, so head over there to leave a comment about your favorite nature project. She says this is very important to her as she is working on her nature chapter right now and it must be finished soon.

I look forward to reading everyone's comments there later…

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  1. Tracy Moore says

    Hi Sharon! Came to your blog from the Artful Parent. One of my favorite nature projects to do with children is very basic and low tech but has always seemed magical to me. I love mushroom spore prints. Just take a mushroom found on a nature walk. I always take this opportunity to tell kids about how dangerous wild mushrooms are and insist that only adults can pick them. Take off the top and set it on a piece of paper and place in a spot it will not be disturbed. In about 24 hours carefully remove the mushroom cap and voila spores have dropped from the gills leaving a beautiful print on the paper.
    Another favorite is crayon resist leaf paintings. Have your child do a rubbing with crayon of a leaf. Make sure to teach them how to use the naked crayon on its side and hold the paper while rubbing in one direction. Be sure to use plenty of crayon to capture the image of the leaf. Then paint over the rubbing with water color paint. These turn out beautiful.
    Another fun project is to make a chipmunk exercise gym by tying peanuts at short intervals to a string and then stringing the whole “garland” between a couple trees. Then keep an eye to see the little guys try to get them down.