mmm… teddy bear bread

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Teddy Bear Bread

This is what we ate yesterday. Teddy Bear Bread.

I love baking breads and desserts and fun stuff. Which is kinda funny (or not so funny) since I am generally uninspired to get dinner on the table. But tasty, bready, sweet things — yes.

Teddy Bear Bread

I just checkout out Preschool Art by MaryAnn Kohl from the library for the first time. I've been using her First Art and Scribble Art, but felt ready for a few new ideas. I picked dough shapes as our first activity from the book. We almost did the bakeable but non-edible ones, but at the last minute decided on something we could eat.

Teddy Bear Bread

So we made the simple yeast bread dough, formed it into shapes (Maia made snakes and balls, I made teddy bears and a sun). We let them rise, brushed on beaten egg, then baked.

Teddy Bear Bread

Mmm… Teddy bear.

By the way, the reason I made bears is that I used to make teddy bear bread as a child from a cookbook I had. They were large, though. Not these cute individual serving size bears.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a whole bunch of these for a little kiddo tea party?!

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  1. says

    Those are so cute! We made some pretzels a while back but i didn’t even think about making cute shapes (and pretzels don’t puff up quite like this either). I’m totally with you on the cooking dinner vs. baking sweets, too. :)

  2. lazytoadfarm says

    Very cute! Do you have any suggestions for a summer, birthday party for 1 year old twins??

  3. says

    Those look yummy! I love the cute little bear. Isn’t it fun how just changing the shape of the food seems to make it extra special. My kids love it when I made their panckes into shapes. :)
    I think a bunch of teddy bear breads for a kiddie tea party is a great idea!

  4. says

    I love the sun! I made big teddy bear breads for Christmas every year for several years as a child. i was just thinking about that recently. It’s hard to cook with twin toddlers. We can only do basics right now … but this might be extra fun to do after our vacation. did you get that email I sent you about the gardens in Asheville?

  5. says

    Here’s another cool idea (although not very healthful, and quite honestly, more fun-looking than good eating, in my opinion), but also really fun to make…
    Sort hard candies like jolly ranchers or life savers by color. Put them in baggies then smash ‘em up with a mallet. Then, use sugar-cookie dough (home-made or in a tube from the grocery store) and make shapes with cut-outs in them and fill the spaces with the colored candies. Bake, and voila…stained glass cookies! They make great ornaments/decorations too, if you don’t want to eat them. The sorting and smashing part is great fun for little ones. Here’s a link

  6. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you use my books! Thank you. My true mission in life is to bring creativity and joy to children. Thanks to you, my dream continues. Thank you.
    MaryAnn Kohl

  7. Lauren says

    What a sweet idea!
    I really look forward to doing this someday with my daughter.
    Thanks for the post.

  8. amyirony says

    My 4 yo daughter and I did this today, inspired by your post — and also The Night Kitchen — this morning she was pretending the down comforter was a pile of dough and she was shaping it into Mickey’s plane. So her shapes included an ice cream cone, a self-portrait with bow, and a snowman. I attempted to recreate Mickey’s WWI fighter jet, which, after baking, she pronounced a dog (I think her description was more accurate!)
    Anyway, we had lots of fun and she couldn’t wait to show off our creations to daddy and eat her “ice cream cone cookie” with dinner!

  9. says

    My Mom made these teddy bears with us a lot! I forgot about them untilnow, she also had us paint them somehow before we maked them I think it was just water and food coloring. so fun!

  10. says

    How cute! Definitely on my list of things to do with the children… much of which is comprised of things I read about in your blog! Thank you fro the isnpiration!

  11. says

    This post took me back to my childhood (late 70s early 80s) when my mom and I made a bunch of teaddy bear bread for Christmas gifts one year. She still has the original magazine article too!
    I like the sun idea…pretty!

  12. says

    Tiy have a lovely blog, I have really enjoyed reading it. My cat, now gone:( Decided once he was going to bring in a live chipmunk!!!! At least I can say he didn’t get the job done, caught him just in time! LOL He just looked at me like “what is wrong with you?? We could have such fun”.