pillows and a 5 minute (um thirty minute) skirt

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Here's what I've been making… Remember when I said I had some half-finished sewing projects to work on? Well, making pillows from my stencils was one of them, so woohoo! I got a couple finished. The dragonfly above, and the bird on branch, below, are two of my favorite images right now. And the pillows were simple to make, so I may make a few more. In fact, you'll probably find them in my shop soon… Or maybe on my sofa.

I loosely followed Amy Karol's pillow-making instructions in her Bend-the-Rules Sewing book and am happy with how they turned out.

Here's another Amy Karol project that I followed loosely (very loosely!), however it didn't turn out quite so well. I saw her tutorial for a 5-minute skirt and was immediately motivated to try. 5 minutes! What's there to loose? And besides, I wanted a cute skirt. It called for fold-over elastic, which I didn't have, so I ordered some, twiddled my thumbs a bit, then decided to make the skirt anyway. It also called for a serger for the bottom hem, another thing I don't have. So this skirt has a normal elastic waist and is hemmed the normal way. It took me thirty minutes total, so not quite 5, but not all day either.

It's a great skirt, except that i didn't cut the fabric out properly. You probably can't tell from the photo, but it's swingy on one side, and frustratingly unswingy on the other. I think it'll be an around the house skirt–luckily it's a super comfy knit!

I'm thinking of it as a thirty minute learning experience. When the fold-over elastic arrives, I'll be ready to whip up a flawless 5-minute (plus) skirt.

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  1. says

    I’ve been wanting to try that skirt, but knew it wasn’t going to be a five minute project for me…happy to hear I’m not alone :) I’ve been loving skirts this summer though–cooler than capris, not as revealing as shorts of my post-baby legs, and I just feel much cuter. Your skirt looks great–it’s given me the confidence to try!

  2. Kathie says

    I remember reading somewhere that to help keep knits stable while cutting you can pin the fabric to brown kraft paper. That will stabilize it to avoid the unintentional stretch. Maybe something to try . . .

  3. andreamcmann says

    I tried the skirt last night (thanks for the link, by the way) and it turned out okay. Not sure if it’s something I’d wear out of the house. It was too full. Maybe I cut it wrong, but I tried to be very careful. It folds on the sides, as if there’s just too much fabric, but it fits at the waist. ???

  4. says

    Hmm… How about just resewing the side seams inside a bit from the current ones, then trimming off the excess? Might be worth a try if it means a skirt you’ll be happier with. I’m about to sew another 5 minute skirt now that my fold over elastic arrived!