Playdough and Tabbouleh

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Here's what we did yesterday, besides unpack from a weekend camping trip (I swear we should stay a week considering all the stuff we pack):
Maia and I made a new batch of play dough. I LOVE MaryAnn Kohl's recipe for play clay in her First Art book. I've made it so many times now. It's soft and wonderful and lasts forever (we keep ours in a freezer bag).

Maia asked for red this time, and enjoyed squeezing an entire bottle of red food coloring into the mixture. It still came out pink, rather than red. I should have bought the larger bottles of food coloring, especially considering all the color mixing, homemade paints, and other things we do around here.

I made tabbouleh for dinner, using quinoa instead of bulghur, completely inspired by Angry Chicken. I'm not sure what we would have done for dinner otherwise. Eaten our toes or something. I loved it with quinoa! So, so good and light. And, except for the quinoa, we had just about everything fresh in the garden including cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, and parsley. Yum.
I also posted some new stuff in my etsy shop (actually before our camping trip), including the pillows I made the other day and some new tricycle shirts.
Maia appropriated one of my tricycle shirts before I could get it into the shop, but there are a couple more, including the one above. She likes to think everything I make is for her. She even managed to put a baby onesie on the other day before I noticed!
Oh, and one more thing… Yesterday really was my 6 month blog anniversary!
And that's all for this mish-mash post.

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  1. says

    First of all, love the tricycle design.
    Second, the tabouleh looks delish, and I am very impressed if Maia eats that…my boys won’t eat anything with that many foods mixed together, especially if the color green is present (so sad).
    Third, from the liquid watercolor queen…try coloring your playdough with it. It’s still hard to get a deep red, but it’s much easier to work with than food coloring and the colors, as always, are delightful!

  2. says

    Happy anniversary! You have brought so much to the parenting world in the last months! I have been wanting to make my own playdoh, but never knew which recipe of the many out there to use. Now I know which! Thank you!

  3. shan says

    try using food coloring gel or paste it works great and is very bright rich colors!

  4. Rachel says

    love love the tricycle shirt! so so cute! and will have to check out the tabbouleh recipe… looks very yummy.

  5. says

    The recipe called for 3 Tbsp of food coloring for a rich color and we just didn’t have enough. But I’ll have to try cake decorator’s coloring or even liquid watercolors next time! Thanks for the ideas.
    Julie – I don’t think Maia ate much of the tabbouleh. We give her everything we make/eat, and sometimes she eats it and sometimes she doesn’t.

  6. kristie says

    Are you able to share the play clay recipe? Kyle (my almost 3 yr old) and I would love to try it!

  7. says

    We don’t generally have food coloring on hand so we’ve often made play dough using the water remaining after we cook beets. It doesn’t make a deep red either but it’s a really nice pink!