a bed under the tree

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We finally have Maia’s new bed set up underneath her tree. So exciting for the kiddo! She took a nice long nap in it yesterday, although she mostly just wants to jump on it at other times. She’s also excited about reading stories in her new bed and so we’ve been reading stacks of books while nestled under the covers together.

She’s just pretending to be asleep here, with her pillow buddy next to her.

Next up on the room re-do plan—I want to make a chalkboard and a felt board to attach to one wall. For the chalkboard, I just got a piece of board that I’ll paint with chalkboard paint. Now if I could just remember where I saw all those felt board ideas and tutorials…

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  1. says

    So sweet. Love the tree! I painted a tree for my nephew’s room back in 1998… then we bought the house, so now it’s in my daughter’s room!

  2. says

    Beautiful tree! Can’t wait to see it finished! I just gave you an award on my blog today http://www.monkeybreadtree.blogspot.com. Just a way to say I appreciate all your fine ideas! I have been following your blog for a while and get a lot of inspiration from you. In a world full of coloring books and cookie-cutter art projects for kids, your blog is a refreshing change!

  3. says

    just staple some felt onto a piece of plywood for the felt board. for pieces, print out clipart onto iron on transfer paper and iron on white felt.

  4. says

    Hi, Jean! Love what you are doing with Maia’s room! I sent you an email with some felt board links if you care to check them out.
    One tip I got from a library book a while back is to create some of the pieces using non-fusible webbing. This is good for more detailed pieces because you can actually write on it. It is also good for letting little hands be involved in the project because it is easier to draw on (takes crayon really well) and cut out than felt because of its stiffness. My daughter enjoyed drawing her own shapes and little people and liked them just as much or more than the ones I made. I think she liked that she could contribute to the project that way.
    Good luck and have fun! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  5. Rachel says

    oh she looks so happy and content in there! that’s so exciting jean!!! how fun! maybe that hand quilt could go on there too… although maybe it wouldn’t hold up under the jumping!

  6. Alison says

    I really want to paint a mural in my son’s room now! I recently made a felt board. It’s not detailed instructions, but you can get the gist of it here.

  7. Bobbie says

    one of the cool felt boards I saw – I think via the Crafty Crow????? Was using a cheap canvas from the dollar store – staple felt around the back of the canvas… I think this would be good for a wall as the canvas will have a bit of width
    I saw someones blog where the mom changed it as her moods change – an ever changing piece of artwork!!

  8. says

    How wonderful this room is! I would love to sleep under a tree just like this… what a great idea.
    I just love your blog too! So many wonderful ideas and you have inspired me to start some art sessions with our mums group….
    Love it if you visited my bog some time, it’s very new but would love feedback from more experienced bloggers :)
    Megan @ mellimoomoo.blogspot.com

  9. says

    What a magical and room to stay in and bed to dream in! Most importantly, it’s not just one of those “stick-ons” that can be bought (though there’s nothing wrong with that) but lovingly made by her own mom =)
    I’m glad I stumbled into your blog.