a fall table and apple pie

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It's starting to feel like fall here. The leaves are still green for the most part, but there are other signs. We've been to Hickory Nut Gap Farm to load up on apples, we've made an apple pie, I've planted a fall garden, and Maia's been collecting acorns like crazy, first at the Arboretum, then on a hike yesterday. She fills her pockets, my pockets, and Harry's pockets.

We needed to do something with our fall bounty and I've been wanting to make a seasonal table after reading about them in SouleMama's book and also in Earthways, a fun book of Waldorf seasonal activities and crafts. I imagined making something more like this, but for fall, and planned to put the apples in a bowl, stack the rocks like a little cairn (like these), etc, but Maia had her own ideas and very carefully arranged each item on the table.

I talked with her about the idea of a fall nature table ahead of time, and the colors and "things" of fall. I tried to steer her towards the orange or red playsilk, but she insisted on the green. And it looks great. It's actually very appropriate for early fall here (the trees are still green). I shouldn't be so set in my ideas! I should just rejoice that she took ownership of the concept and added her own special touches.

If I were really ambitious (I don't think I am this time), I'd make little waldorfy acorn people like these for the table. And I LOVE this fall tree puzzle!

Do any of you make seasonal nature tables? I'm so excited about the idea and all the possibilities for the different seasons!

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  1. says

    MMmm..that pie looks yummy. I think we are going to go out to our favorite apple orchard next weekend. Make the acorn people! They are actually pretty easy. I have a tutorial up on my blog here. http://squirrelacorns.blogspot.com/2008/02/felt-gnome-tutorial.html
    If you glue an acorn cap to the top of the head, that makes it even easier than the little wool hats that are in my tutorial. I bought the little wooden peg people from Casey’s Wood, but I’ve seen them at Michael’s and AC Moore too.
    Thanks for the link to the tree puzzle. I was just talking to my DH last night about having him teach me to use a scroll saw. Hmm…that would be a fun project. (Although maybe not a first project, LOL!)

  2. says

    We love our Nature Tables! We have one indoors and one outdoors as well. Our outdoor one holds items that are too big to come in, too dirty to come in, or those items that have bugs on them. We miss our decorated indoor table. Since we now have a 15 month old, we’ve had to change the indoor nature table to a nature tray. This is able to be picked up and put out of reach when the little on is near without disturbing the arrangements that she has made. Otherwise, if it is within his reach, EVERYTHING goes in his mouth…choking hazard!
    I love that you allowed Mai to use the green playsilk. If she she didn’t have ownership of the nature table, then it would only be a pretty table. Now, you’ve allowed her to have her table where she can explore and learn. Great job allowing her space and freedom to create her own little space!
    In our nature tray, we include our nature prints made out of Model Magic. She loves matching the print to the actual object. (I’m refering to the medallians that I believe that you have made out of sculpey.)

  3. says

    Fall is the best time for seasonal tables because of all the pretty leaves you can use! You can make a different table every day. I love yours!

  4. Jeannette says

    Hmm. I have a b-o-y. Last time I tried a nature table this is what happened. We went on a walk, picked up different kinds of rocks (the only thing he was interested in). I pointed out how this was one sparkly, that was white, that was stripey. He said “wow”, and the next thing I knew, he was like, this one is a hockey puck, this one is a discus, and this one likes to be thrown on the floor over and over. hahaha!! He’s a little older now, just over 3yo instead of just under, and I think has made a leap in maturity in the last few months, so I may try it again this fall. Nature tables also make a great language activity, and we’re always after those.
    I have to chuckle when I read your blog sometimes, though, because Maia is such a GIRL sometimes. :)

  5. Nutmeg says

    I realized I wrote the word “just” three times in the above post. Please ignore my overuse of the word! :)

  6. says

    Funny timing to see your post because we just created our own little nature box last week after lots of interesting finds courtesy of the recent hurricanes. We always have bits and pieces of nature around our house but I have been wanting to do a nature table for a long time. Right now we have very limited space and minimal furniture so the drawer we found has been a perfect start for us. Love seeing your family’s nature table. Here’s a glimpse of ours:

  7. Jeannette says

    These are just so cool.
    This is my new tactic with my b-o-y. I’m making a little nature table for MYSELF. It might inspire him. :)

  8. says

    As always Jean, you inspire me (and so many other people) and make my heart smile. I love this post and the one before it and the one before that…
    Mai is such a blessed child. Thank you for sharing.

  9. says

    This is something I definetly want to try doing soon. We might need to start with a nature tray too if we don’t move soon – that way it’s portable.

  10. says

    Not to dismiss all the wonderful creativity I see here, but I just have to know – what is that fabric under the apple pie? I LOVE IT!!!

  11. says

    LOL. I think I mis-stated my request. I am wondering about the fabric/tablecloth that the apple pie is literally sitting on, not the silk in the picture below it. Thanks!

  12. Sheila Major says

    Hey. I’m new to the idea of Nature Tablessothe information and comments here have been a great way of getting me stared on one.
    Thanks everyone.

  13. says

    Mary – Sorry I didn’t read your comment thoroughly! I’ve had that tablecloth for quite a while. I probably bought it at TJ Maxx or a similar discount store.
    Sheila Major – Glad you like the nature table idea!