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Here’s what Maia’s drawing these days — lots of little circles. And elongated enclosed shapes. Almost everything is enclosed. And she’s into finding old frames (with or without photos) and asking to draw a picture to fit in it.


What are your kids into drawing these days?

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  1. says

    My son is really into harsh scribbling lately. It usually comes with a direct surge in testosterone, or so it seems. : ) But then he’ll sit down and draw a pretty complicated, intricate piece with lots of different colors the next day.
    Good to “see” you online!

  2. says

    My son is 32 months old and he is doing these same long enclosed shapes. He says they are elephants. He does a lot better expressing himself with paint than he does with markers. When he paints he usually says they are sharks.
    My daughter is 4 and she has started drawing faces in profile and pickup trucks with windows and tires. She also loves making monsters by drawing an enclosed shape with lots of angles and then putting arms and legs and teeth and horns. She’s made an entire series of them.
    That’s neat that Maia wants to frame her work. Thanks for sharing her work!

  3. says

    Annika is 2 1/2 and draws mostly scribbles, not so much round, but straight lines. With water colors she makes various shapes, though. Often she will add lots of dots.
    Gabriel is 6 and draws robots, aliens, schematic drawings of buildings or mechanical objects, solar systems, or he’ll illustrate things we’ve been doing together. It is so interesting to get a glimpse of how he thinks.

  4. coastalgirl says

    Funny, after a long and illness-filled hiatus from typepad I just returned to comment on what my daughter is drawing these days. We also had elongated ovals through the summer which usually enclosed solid dots, but I see figures emerging the last few months. It’s so much fun to watch the realistic drawings evolve. I will have to post a few more later today. Now I begin the process of putting many into albums and photo frames if I can get organized. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s creative evolution….

  5. says

    Sam, 25 months, just started making small, short, lines with sharp corners…he tells me he’s “writing ABCs”. (There’s a picture in a recent post about it on my blog.) It’s very interesting to me because he usually draws long lines and loops that are rounded. These little deliberate markings he calls ABCs are very different from the norm and much more like letters. He’s been fascinated lately with watching me “writing ABCs” (when I make lists or make a note on a piece of paper).

  6. says

    Eleanor (almost 3) is doing very small enclosed circle/triangle type things. Some spirals too. Oh, and wavy lines for words, she made a grocery list with wavy lines the other day. Henry (15 mos) is into banging the crayon on the paper over and over — could this be called pointillism? :)

  7. says

    My five son year old is obsessively drawing people and they all have to be cut out and are called paperdolls, there is the occasional pirate boat to accommodate them all… but mostly just people, people, people!

  8. Aimee Wood says

    Hi Jean,
    My daughter is 5 and she loves hearts, stars, and swirls. Art is such an inspiration for her and I hope to feed that desire for a lifetime!

  9. Sara says

    My four year old is into drawing people. She is also into drawing ALOT of pictures for her classmates at school.

  10. says

    My almost 3 year old is drawing lots and lots of concentric circles. Yesterday she tried to do a maze then was deep in concentration drawing something. My 7 year old said, “she’s drawing mazes!” And she was totally right. Eva gave a deep in thought “yes nod” when we asked her :).

  11. says

    My 4yo Marcus has been drawing vehicles, especially trucks and buses since he was 33 months old. He just completed his first book on Triple Decker Buses which he authored and illustrated! :) Recently, he started drawing different subject matters like animals and monsters and cartoon characters. My 2yo is still scribbling a lot and would tell me they are circles or triangles or squares! :)

  12. says

    V just turned 3 last week and this afternoon she drew her first person. Giant head, two stick legs with feet, arms sticking straight out from head plus eyes, nose, mouth. I was awestruck. :) She drew 3 all together. The 1st one she said was her (all orange). The 2nd one had hair and that one was me (all brown). The 3rd one was her daddy – it had brown, orange and green. She gave him purple eyebrows and the eyes were bigger, not just dots.
    I’m so excited!

  13. Rachel says

    justin is back into mixing paint with salt, pepper, sand, and glue. messy art is always a hit w/him!

  14. says

    My son (5) is into drawing vehicles, robots, dinosaurs, and crawfish. My daughter (turning 3 this week) has just started drawing people…very exciting and fun to see her excitement about it, too.

  15. says

    My son (9) is exceptionally good in creating portraits since last one and half yrs. Copies same to same including expressions. Now started to use water colors. He has already won nos of prizes. Recently his art work has been published by HP India Ltd for their magazine “PULSE” issue 11. He loves to draw portraits by visualizing t

  16. Amy says

    my 3-3/4 year old is really starting to draw things not just marks. she also likes to draw frames around all her images. for awhile she was always asking me to draw things for her and i stopped drawing with her out of fear that i would foster that perfectionism. so i’m very happy she is getting into it again. \
    my 1-3/4 year old is mostly drawing on herself. can’t stick to paper no matter what i try. but at least now i’ve hidden all the sharpies.
    i really need to make one of your marker holders. i saw a hideous plastic one at the used toy store today and thought of your lovely homemade ones. thanks for posting a picture again.
    and on the note of lovely pictures, autumn where you live looks gorgeous.

  17. layla solms says

    my chloe is thriving on drawing aprons and food
    we are collaborating on an accordion booklet, taking turns…

  18. says

    My older girl is all about landscapes lately. She likes to draw stone walls. When she’s not doing that she’s still trying to master the princess in a ball gown. She gets frustrated trying to draw lips. I love watching her create things.

  19. wesleyjeanne says

    My 4-year-old is drawing more and more representationally and realistically, but with imaginative themes. I love it.
    The 20-month-old just scribbles but she will try to copy a line or circle I draw.
    I miss your posts and hope you are doing well! I gave you an award today. Please don’t feel you need to do anything about it, I just wanted to acknowledge how much I love your blog. Check it out!

  20. says

    My almost 3-yr.-old son won’t draw. It’s really frustrating for me. If we give him some paper and something to draw with, he’ll make a couple of experimental lines, then hand me the pen and tell me what he wants me to draw for him. He did get excited when he figured out that he could use marking pens to make holes in the paper, but that didn’t last long.
    We’ve tried giving him coloring book pictures to color or paint, and again, he’ll make a couple of scribbles with one color, then say he’s done. I’ve tried to encourage him to use more colors, tried to find pictures of his favorite things for him to color, but he’s just not into it.
    I wish I knew what to do to help him enjoy art more.

  21. says

    Mini Saurus (20 months) makes lots of loopy circles and tiny marks. The Frog Princess (5) loves to draw medical dramas (ambulances, operating rooms, wheel chairs) as well as frogs, princesses, Malificent, gardens with waterfalls, robots and circuit boards! So Glad I found another bloggy artsty mom!

  22. says

    I remember when my oldest son doing those long shapes A LOT when he was around 2 1/2 or so. He started putting in a dot for an eye and an opening for a mouth after that.
    Just the other day, my oldest (now five) was drawing airplanes for my youngest (2)! The youngest was like, “Nother one, pease!”
    The youngest likes to scribble and call out what he’s drawing when he sees an image (airplane! train! kitty!).
    Thanks for sharing. It was fun reading everyone’s responses, too!

  23. says

    Gosh, toddler art is just so FUN and FASCINATING, isn’t it?!
    @Stacy, my little guy (23 months) also likes to call out what he is scribbling. Sometimes, I’m quite amazed at what he comes up with (it was a llama one day)! Other times, he tells me that he’s drawing letters…P for Papa, D for Daddy! Makes me proud!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing, Jean. I’m always intrigued and inspired by the projects you do with your daughter (a fact I mentioned on my most recent blog post: http://dundeewriter.blogspot.com/2008/11/snowy-day-drawing.html)

  24. urbanorganica says

    How are you, are you being easy on yourself? We miss your musings, but so understand – when my house is a mess, really, a real mess, I might clean it all up but still find it’s hard to keep it clean. There’s too much going on for my old foundation to uphold. sometimes all that’s going on is new questions, worthwhile questions that make it all seem futile to keep up the old. So here’s wishing new something new, celebrating those long circles. My 3 year-old is surprising me by mixing his scribbles with perfectly traced lines on his brother’s maps. I thought his brother (7) would be mad, but he’s so proud of him!

  25. says

    Hi, there. The name of your blog drew me in. The designs of your child prompted me to respond! They look just like my boy, Jonah’s, during his prek and k years. The next frontier for him was adding facial features (like dots for eyes) or other details to the shapes. Now, at 7, he is connecting the shapes in interesting ways and giving his drawings titles…a budding artist, like me!
    Anyway, I like your blog – and your style – and also identified with your rant about not knowing who you are. I, too, am a multi-interest, renaissance woman, searching for what I’m really supposed to do on the planet. (Could it be ADD? :) And many things on your “things that make me happy” list parallel mine.
    So, keep plugging away, sister! And thanks for some good reading on your blog!
    :) Pam J. Hecht

  26. says

    my daughter is crazy about drawing circles– she is working on faces. she has the circle part down and working on the eyes. she also loves water-coloring. it’s so great to watch young children discover art, they are naturals at it!

  27. says

    Sending you holiday blessings and wishes for a good New Year! Miss your posts, but hope you are doing well and finding time during this holiday season for peace and joy.