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I meant to do this post last Friday, but got too wrapped up in baking cookies and cutting sponges into heart shapes and such. So here it is today. Some fun, artful ideas I found while surfing blog land…


Here's a great idea for recycling paper bags at good + happy day: Patricia cuts the fronts and backs off to use for art projects. And the best part? They have handles for carrying around!


This post about field bags on Camp Creek Press makes me want to pack some art supplies, binoculars, and magnifying glasses and head out with Maia on a hike. Never mind the cold.


And, here's an interesting post at UNIFORM Studio on setting limits to help teach design.

Any other artful ideas to add? Feel free to post links…

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    I was just asking my son (who is also 4) if he thought it was time to paint a new canvas for above our piano. Of coarse he said “yes”. I think I will try using some of these limitations from the link. Thanks for sharing!

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    I was particularly excited by the idea of setting limitations for creating work. I think this is why I’m recently so enamored by ATC’s…I seem to like that it has this size limit and can be creative within it. My 5 year old also seems somewhat freed up by that limitation. So it was great to see it applied to big, beautiful canvas. Thanks for all these ideas.

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    The post on setting limits is so timely for me. My two-year-old loves to paint and draw, but recently if I give him the whole set of pencils or crayons or markers, after a few strokes with one of the colours, he sets about tipping all the pencils on the floor, or throwing them, or generally playing with them instead of drawing with them (which drives me bonkers, which I try not to let him see, but am very unsuccessful about!). However, if I have been writing, and he picks up the pen and scrap of paper after I’ve finished with them — so, one pen only — he will draw and draw and draw for ages. I think the tipping and throwing and whatnot of the box of pencils results at least partly from him being overwhelmed by the choice. Now I need to apply it to the rest of his possessions. We have been felled by illness after illness recently, and his numerous toys are strewn around the house because no one has the energy to put them away. And (surprise, surprise) how does he play when everything is like that? By picking things up and throwing them around… A few limitations needed there too, I think!
    Thank you for posting that link.