A spring fun box

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I wanted to show you the finished version of the fun box Maia and I have been working on. After Maia pasted the pictures on the shoe box, I covered the whole thing with Mod Podge to help it last a bit longer and also used some colored construction paper to finish the ragged edge of the hole in the top.

jeansphotos_03-2009_pic0470 Then we sat down together and came up with activities to include in the box — mostly the ones I already mentioned at the end of my 31 Activities post, but she did add a couple of her own, including "make gingerbread men cookies." I thought about just including spring-y activities, such as make a spring nature table (which I want to do soon!), pick a bouquet of spring flowers, plant a little garden pot/plot, make a paper mache egg, dye Easter eggs, etc., but in the end decided to stick to my original idea of having a box of quick and easy activities that I know Maia likes, especially since I'm still working through my perhaps overly ambitious list of 31 activities. However, I really like the idea of having a seasonal activity box and may go with that next time.

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    Does the paper mache egg come out balloon-y shaped (like a hot air balloon?) We have been wanting to do something similar for the new baby’s nursery, and I love the idea that Grady could be my pal in the project.

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    I just love this idea and I love how you decorated it together. I think we need to make an idea box here too…

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