Body Tracing Art and Learning About Your Body

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I told you how much Maia liked reading about bodies and how they work.

Well, her obsession has reached new heights thanks to Usborne’s See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes, kindly lent to us by a friend.


The detail in this book is wonderful, and not only that, but each page has multiple flaps you can lift — a three year old’s joy. This has been our go-to bedtime and naptime book (and I’m starting to think about encouraging a new direction for her interest!)

Update: This book doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but here’s a new Look Inside Your Body book by Usborne with flaps to lift.


The body tracing is a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while (it’s on the list) and was sure Maia would enjoy. I connected two pieces of poster board on the back with tape, taped the whole thing to the floor, and asked Maia if she wanted me to trace her body. Yes, of course. Then we got out her body book and filled in the various parts. I drew most of the organs at her request. She drew the veins and arteries (her favorites) and the brain, eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth.



She was so proud of this and wanted to hang it up with the feet (almost) touching the floor so she could see it all at her level.


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  1. says

    We’ve been planning to do a full body drawing soon, too! I finally bought the paper last week, and it’s on our list of fun activities for next week! That looks like a great book. I’ll have to see if our library has it.

  2. says

    What a fun idea! My kids are into body stuff, too. I never thought about this way of interpreting it, though. Thanks! Do you have a budding biologist or doctor on your hands?

  3. says

    Wow, I see budding doctor! I think if I did that project way back when I would have accessorized the “body” with clothing and jewelry. Maybe drawn in a purse and a puppy. ;) I love that such a young mind is so into the science!

  4. says

    Doctor, she claims, although I’m sure this is something that changes every week at this age. Her much-loved uncle and aunt are doctor and nurse respectively, so I’m sure that has it’s influence.

  5. says

    My daughter also went through an obsession with body books! Maia is probably just a bit young for this book, but my daughter devoured the Human Body Encylopedia by DK books. It’s part of their First Encyclopedia series. My daughter was around 4 1/2 when she was really into that particular book. Love the full body drawing – we’ll have to try that during spring break!

  6. says

    we did this last year and it was amazing. We did not do the insides- but the tracing of the body is a very good lesson for this age…lots of talking and learning..there is a cool body book out now too- i think it is dr frankenstein or something? it is wicked cool.

  7. says

    So fun! WE do this all the time in our house. We also do it on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and with our stuffed animals. : )
    Next you’ll need to try making macaroni and noodle skeletons with her (just glue uncooked noodles on a solid sheet of paper with school glue to build a skeleton)

  8. says

    That’s too funny…our son has developed the same obsession recently and took it upon himself to draw and paint a human body, then dictated the names of the parts to me so I could label it. I was completely amazed!
    I posted his project over on Growing Great Kids:
    I love the idea of the large body outline. If he couldn’t squeeze the parts into the body outline on his 11×13″ paper, he just painted it nearby.

  9. Pod says

    You can also draw the organs onto coloured paper and your child can cut them and place on the body, we do this at our preschool…

  10. MO says

    I know this is a late comment but I just wanted to say thanks for this post. I wound up buying my boys (4 yr olds) this book (based on this post) for their Easter basket (I gave it to one and the other got a construction book) and they have really enjoyed it. Surprisingly, the one boy who has pretty much construction things on the brain, is more interested in this than his new construction book. Eventually, I will be trying this same art project with them (tracing their bodies and then having them color/draw in parts).