At the beach with friends and family

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  1. says

    Great pics! How did you make the sand/seashell sculptures? We’re heading to the beach next weekend and I’ve been wanting to something like that with my little one!

  2. Jenn says

    looks like a fun trip – for everyone! What is the Fish game your daughter is playing? Can you post some more photos, or tell us more about it? My duaghter loves anything to do with the ocean. thanks.

  3. Nicole D says

    Looks like fun. My friend, Steve is the inventor of your flip kite! So fun to see it in use!

  4. Auntie Jo Jo says

    What a great vacation. I am glad you are enjoying yourself and hopefully you are getting some rest!

  5. says

    Yes, it was a great trip. The game is Go Fish by Eeboo ( then go to illustrator cards), a gift from Maia’s aunt and uncle. She LOVES it! And especially playing it with them as she is in that photo. I’ll try for more photos/stories sometime in the next couple of days. Yesterday it was all I could do just to download the photos and start unpacking!!

  6. says

    Maia loved that boogie board! Someone had left it behind at the house we were staying at. We’ll definitely have to pick one up before we go to the beach again.

  7. says

    The sand/seashell sculptures were made with plaster of paris poured into holes we made on the beach. Very easy! The kids had placed shells in the holes first. I’ll try to post more pics and description tomorrow.

  8. elizabeth says

    You look lovely carrying your wee one. Were headed to the beach with family soon and I want to try out that casting project.

  9. says

    Can you please tell me the brand/name of the sunshade you picture here. I am just on the hunt for one and can’t make up my mind. Yours looks like it may be a Kelty??? I’d love to know what it is and how well it works at the beach. Thanks!!!! Cute belly, by the way!

  10. says

    Mary – Yes it’s a Kelty and belongs to our friends. Bobbi says they got it years ago at REI. It worked great! And we even set it up in shallow water a couple of times.