New art supplies and a giveaway

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I am in love with everyone today. I'm in love with sunny summer weather, yard salers, people who mat and frame, kids, the world, and YOU!


What puts me in such a mood, you say? Cheap (and free!) art supplies!!! The cheap ones are above. My friend Sarah called me this morning about an art supply yard sale. Apparently the guy was an art supply wholesaler who was liquidating older stock. Almost everything was 2 for $1, including watercolor paper, markers, paint brushes, and tempera cakes. I spent all the cash in my wallet. I couldn't help myself. And besides, while I own a cell phone I rarely use it and haven't spent the time to figure out how to program peoples numbers into it. Embarrassing but true. So I just decided to buy extra and let friends and art group folks buy them off me if they want.


And here's the free stuff. I called a local frame shop yesterday to ask if they have any mat and frame scraps that they would give me for the art group. They were more than happy to let me carry off their remnants! We're going to make wood scrap sculptures with the art group this summer as well as possibly kid-made frames, both ideas from MaryAnn Kohl's book Scribble Art. The frame pieces can be used for both, and the mat pieces can be used for drawing and painting on, as well as to glue frame pieces around the edges to frame artwork. Not that I have space to store all this, and Harry might grumble, but it's such lovely stuff that I think will be put to excellent use this summer that I am making room.


Okay, here's the giveaway. I wanted to share my happy day and good fortune with you all, so will be giving away the above supplies in a random drawing. Tell me your favorite art material(s) or your children's favorite art material(s) by commenting on this blog post by Wednesday, June 17th, 12 Midnight EST and you will be entered into the drawing. The winner receives a packet of Molly's Majestic watercolor paper, 6 blank books (great for writing and illustrating stories), a set of brushes, a box of pencils, a set of Prang tempera cakes, and three boxes of Prang markers (bold, tropical, and pastel). Who wouldn't like to receive a box of art supplies in the mail? Your family will be happily drawing, painting, and creating all summer long…

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  1. says

    We love Paint! everything really! We love to do a little of everthing! But if i had to choose one Paint! thanks! ok by the way i need your address! i want to send your sweet gal a dress! I need your address! What size? rachel

  2. says

    My kids love to dig in our art box and put together just about anything. If it can be glued to construction paper my daughter has done it. Googly eyes, puff balls, popcicle sticks – all make great sculptures!

  3. says

    oh my, oh my, oh my. the first thing that comes to mind is that i am a sucker for high quality supplies…so i am drooling at this post! i like products that are truly satisfying for young children to use….for the colors to be bold, the glue to really stick, the scissors to cut well.
    one of my favorite products is heavy paper. with good paper, children can create in a different way. it welcomes paint and crayon well and is satisfying to cut.
    good for you!!!

  4. says

    Ooh what a yummy giveaway! Right now we are just loving our rock crayons. They are by no means a precision tool but they feel really good in your hand. We got them from a friend who ordered them from if anyone is interested!

  5. Mary says

    My children LOVE anything that is “rescued” from the recycle bin — empty cream cheese containers, paper towel tubes, milk cartons. They are into constructing robots and collecting “treasures” with found materials. More of a craft category than art category, but that’s what they’re chiefly into (in addition to the usual markers, scissors, staplers, hole punchers, glue, etc.). Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!!

  6. says

    Oooh, you are so kind! My little guy loves the big triangular crayons that Crayola makes. He requests triangle crayons whenever and wherever we begin to color. He also loves paints and sculpting with homemade playdough. Thanks, and happy summer!

  7. says

    First off what a great sale to find. Now that is my kind of yard sale. We love painting and sketching in this house. Thanks for having this.

  8. says

    Hmm a toughie but I think my son would say any type of paint that comes in a tube, his scissors and paper tape.
    I wish i could get my hands on BIG pots of paint, it would save me a small fortune!

  9. berbsca says

    My 3 year old LOVES glue. In fact, he refers to the library story time + craft as glue time. :) My 2 year old likes sidewalk chalk anywhere and everywhere.

  10. says

    Oh Jean! This is amazing. First of all, I have to find some of that Molly’s Majestic paper if I don’t win it — great name. Second, we love paint, stamps, crayons, pens, pencils and especially our tools (paintbrushes, rollers, Q-tips, natural materials, etc.) I guess you asked for A favorite but it is so hard to choose.

  11. Angelica says

    My almost 3 loves paint, any kind of paint, well, anything that she can use to paint her body because that’s what she always ends up doing :P…

  12. michaela says

    What a fabulous giveaway!! My daughter is another one who goes crazy for paint… she particularly enjoys finger painting with temperas. I’m going to have to check out Discount School Supply – thanks for the tip.

  13. Laura says

    We love watercolor paint! Sometimes it ends up in our hair, but that’s all part of the fun!

  14. jenny says

    My single favorite is old national geographics. We are a cutting and collaging family!

  15. aimee c says

    we are a crayon-loving family. they’re portable, which makes them the hands-down winner with us. my son loves to draw…all the time! thanks so much!

  16. Dawn says

    Wow, what great finds!
    I think my children and I share our love of colored pencils as our favorite. Watercolors are a close second though. They paint every time the whim strikes them!

  17. says

    Tape is my daughter’s favorite lately. She has recently learned to make “tape donuts” at preschool and uses them to attach anything and everything to paper (pipe cleaners, pompoms, pinecones, other pieces of paper… hmm, maybe only things that begin with P!)

  18. says

    Great giveaway! I’m just now setting up an art studio for my son (5 months) so I’m ready when he is! I used to be an art teacher, and my favorite medium for the kids is oil pastels; they’re so vibrant and rich looking and create a finished looking piece of artwork.

  19. Katie says

    I have been so inspired by your blog to create more with my son. Starting this Thursday, we are going to have our own preschool are group at our house. Thank you for your inspiration. (We love watercolors!)

  20. Susan says

    Oh my goodness – this may be my favorite giveaway EVER. How lovely! I adore your blog and am hoping to start my own art group once we have our own home again. Our favorite art supply is any paint we can use with our hands :) Her favorite!
    Thanks for the great opportunity
    suserat at yahoo dot com

  21. says

    We like using kitchen things as art–pasta, beans, potatoes (cut to make prints/stamps), trace around bowls and cookie cutters, use squeeze bottles and shakers with paint, etc.
    Thanks for the chance to win! ginava3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  22. Amber says

    We love paints at our house, especially liquid watercolors!
    Congratulations on your great finds, I can’t wait to see the wood scrap creations!

  23. S says

    Lately, my sons fave happens to be paper and glue. Lots of drawing of stuff on paper, mom cuts it out, glue onto more paper, and then glue on eyes, cotton balls, sequins, you name it! We have a wall of his creations when you walk into the house from the garage!

  24. Jennifer says

    My 3yr old daughter is really in love with painting with watercolors right now. She also loves crayons, markers, pen, pencil…anything really.
    What a great yardsale and thanks for sharing it with us!

  25. says

    Right now we are using a lot of crayola washable finger paint and the twistable slick sticks. They are so much easier for my one year old to draw with than regular crayons.

  26. Gina says

    What a fun day you had! I will definitely be calling my local frame shop to ask about scraps… that’s something my artist-mom always had on hand that I never thought about trying to get for free.
    My son and I both LOVE oil pastels. We got ours in a yard sale art kit bought for $1 that was filled with barely used art supplies. We like to color, color, color and then slather on the bright or dark watercolors :)
    Speaking of which, I need to get me hands on some of those nifty liquid watercolors you use so often!

  27. thelovespies says

    We love art supplies! The mommy’s favorites are glue paper for collages and the Bella’s favorites are finger paints and play doh. Oh, the mommy also loves pastels and chalk too. And the Bella loves chalk. How can we pick a favorite?

  28. says

    our recyclables are our favorite crafting material. i found an old dresser that i stash with old milk caps, fabric scraps, toilet rolls, tin pans, cereal boxes, and just about anything we can put in there. it’s great for random projects and fun seeing what you can come up with.

  29. Mel says

    We love playdough and beads. My daughter never gets tired of making new styles of necklaces with the beads.

  30. Mary says

    I love washable tempera paint. Even though I try to cover my son and the surface around him when he’s painting, it’s always good to know that if it gets too messy, it’s completely washable. I definitely heart the Discount School Supply brand.

  31. francesca says

    art supply yard sale – the very idea makes me smile.
    my favorite supply has always been paper. my daughters’ favorites are clay and paint.
    what a great idea to contact the frame shop; thank you for sharing your ideas!

  32. potagergardengirl says

    Wow, thx a bunch!
    let’s see…i recently bought a large roll of butcher paper and the kids just love it. We sprawl out on the dining room table with it and it’s a hit for everyone. We hope to start having family art time…soon, this summer for sure.
    take care!

  33. Misha says

    In our house the little ones loves pencil crayons and paper. She could doodle all day if she had nothing else to do, LOL.
    I have taught myself to crochet, so I guess I like yarn the best, LOL.

  34. kali says

    we love crafts and art supplies! right now, my daughter’s favorites are smelly markers and metallic watercolors (basically watercolors with fine glitter in it). this would be a great assortment to add to our craft area. thank you!

  35. says

    My favorite art supplies are colored tissue paper and Mod Podge. You can do so many cool projects with these two simple supplies.
    If you asked my daughters, Lu would say glitter and Em would say stickers!
    Thanks for the opportunity! We just love art supplies! What great luck finding an art supply yard sale.

  36. says

    My girls LOVE to paint – especially watercolors.
    I really hope we win! They would be so excited to get these supplies to play with!

  37. Christina says

    What a great giveaway! I am sooooo jealous of your finds. Here are my favorites:
    1. Prang kid’s watercolors–so much richer and more vibrant than other kinds.
    2. Berol Prismacolor pencils–smoooooth. They go on like buttah.
    3. Oil pastels (we have Pentel). The kids love to work with these. So much more fun than crayons.
    4. Pentel color pens (I rarely share these with the kids though).
    5. Homemade playdoh . . . who doesn’t love to squish things?

  38. Auntie Jo Jo says

    Paint and markers are the favorite in this house!! Oh and glue + stickers…really can’t go wrong either! We are just starting the water colors and so far it’s been fun! What a great giveaway, thanks Jean! Let me know if it’s okay to tweet about it?

  39. Amanda says

    My little on is totally into stamps right now! And of course paint is always a favorite!

  40. Lavina Dee says

    My three year old LOVES spinner art. So I guess that would make our favorite tool the salad spinner.

  41. says

    You are such a sweetheart to put together a giveaway goodie package with your art supplies score!
    My favourite art supplies are embroidery floss and fabric and my son’s favourite art supplies are food ingredients. Painting with flavoured gelatin, gluing noodles or homemade playdough are favourites.

  42. ashley b. chandler says

    Ooh…goody, goody! What fun stuff! I love oil pastels- a favorite from my childhood and continued on into adulthood. My daughter likes tempra paints the best! You are so lucky to have scored this and so generous to be passing on the goodness!

  43. Ladybug says

    My little one LOVES paint! Myself, I am still a big fan of Crayola Twistables. They were great when she was little and had difficulty pressing the crayons hard enough. I also love their vibrant colors and the fact you can use them on wax paper.

  44. says

    The guys love watercolors, but I am partial to the vividness of oil pastels. Having felt like I needed a bank loan for watercolor paper, a box of art supplies would be lovely to get in the mail!

  45. Julie says

    I love watercolor paper and watercolors, and I also love acrylic paints and canvas. My LO loves paint and paint and more paint. Any kind of paint. Fingers in paint, cotton swabs in paint, sponges in paint…Paint ofn bubble wrap, paint on stencils…Paint Paint Paint! (But she also loves markers and colored pencils – crayons, not so much)
    I have done that with a frame shop in the past. I used the matte board remnants to make covers for books my third graders were writing.

  46. Deanna D. says

    Fingerpaints and various nature finds: leaves, bark, flowers, shells. And an old shirt we use as his paint smock!

  47. Chandra F says

    Let’s see…My 5 year old son is totally into paper and scissors…and my stapler…he’s always cutting and stapling away.. G, my 7 year old dd…she loves working with good colored pencils and nice paper…loves to draw and loves being able to add fine detail to her drawings. We all love oil pastels…
    What a fun drawing…you must have been so happy to have come across such a great sale!!

  48. says

    such an amazing find! i love hitting just the right yard sale!
    we all love watercolors, and i’m really digging the faber colored pencils i got for the kids.

  49. Lynelle says

    I am soooo inspired…. and can’t wait to get my kids started on some art… my kids love drawing and painting…and gluing!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  50. says

    My kids love anything they can draw with. Paint, markers, crayons and colored pencils. They are very crafty like their Mama :)

  51. Jill says

    What a treasure trove! Admittedly, I am feeling a bit envious of the “riches.” If I had to answer the art supply question just three months ago the resounding answer would have been glitter glue but now my daughter, who will be four in a matter of weeks, gravitates toward watercolors followed by markers. She loves to make gifts of her art and at least a couple of times per week we post a surprise package to a friend or family member. I am one of those moms that saves all matter of odds and ends, much to my husbands chagrin, for projects so I appreciate the mention of checking with frame shops for remnants.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas – I so look forward to seeing your posts in my mailbox.

  52. Deb says

    my kids do art and crafting every day and mostly unsupervised – they have free access to everythign except paint (they are 4 and almost 6). currently they are obsessed with making collages out of patterned scrapbooking paper i bought in cheap “scrap” packages. so right now it is all paper, glue and scraps. all i did was give the idea and supplies and they have made amazing scenes! we spend a lot of our extra cash on supplies so thanks for sharing your bounty (what a great day for you though!!!)

  53. nancy_p says

    Wow, what art supplies does my little NOT love! Stickers, water colors, crayolas, colored pencils and pens, rubber stamps…. oh and the amount of paper that gets used! I think a favorite of the summer has been tempra paints used to paint the blank sides of outdated politcal signs… really fun to watch a 40″ tall artist painting her masterpieces in the back yard on a 6 foot by 6 foot reusable “canvas”!
    I love your blog and we have been inspired (an often awed!) by just about every project you’ve shown. I am so happy to find artful living ideas to share with my little girl.
    Thank you for sharing you world with us!

  54. says

    What great finds!
    We just moved a month or so ago and I FINALLY got my craft closet organized this past week. Since then, my kids have been going crazy with arts and crafts. I think their favorite has to be painting though. I save all sorts of things for them to paint on- they love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. Elizabeth Thompson says

    My little girl who just turned 4 loves scissors and glue. She loves cutting paper and glueing ANYTHING. She just made a birthday gift for a friend today and glued moss, an old screw, a random piece of hard plastic, paper and other odds and ends to a plastic ruler.
    My one year old loves soil!
    Thanks so much for your generosity!

  56. says

    i prefer colored pencils but my daughter loves paint. she uses her watercolors daily and occasionally we get out the tempura paint or in her words “the messy paints.”
    what a great giveaway.

  57. mel says

    It is ALL about the glitter at our house, although yarn comes in at a close second.
    That yard sale is an amazingly great find for you!

  58. Julie says

    That is a yard sale I would’ve loved to been able to find! Our favorite are pastels. We love to play with them!

  59. Adriana Ochoa says

    Your blog made me remember my art teaching days…before my 3 1/2 year old boy…canvasing local community businesses for whatever they did not want and then having my students CREATE….now I have to scale down the projects with my son, since I worked with high school kids….it has been wonderful to read your blogs and remember to play, remember it’s process not product and to just watch my little boy grow as an artist and an individual.
    Adriana Ochoa
    ps….my son Cruz and I love Paint…clay….chaulk…well everything really…

  60. says

    Thank you for sharing in your good fortune! My children love to paint with acrylic more than anything else. We sit at the kitchen table together and paint pieces of cardboard or rocks or computer paper. My mom found a full case of paper in her study that has the little holes down the sides (for those 1980s printers where the paper was continuous and you had to tear at the perforations). My children are 5 and 3 years old.

  61. michelle says

    origami, cartooning, painting, embroidery floss, paint chalk, at the moment, for a 4, 6, and 8 yr. old.

  62. athanksaday says

    What a great find!
    Okay, I will play. My kids’ favorite art supply would be duct tape. They use it to make EVERYthing. They love it. It makes me nutty. :)
    My favorite would be paper. I know that sounds lame, but I am always blown away by what they make out of cutting, folding, and taping paper. It’s the one thing we couldn’t do without in our art room.

  63. Kathleen says

    Love your site and love this give-away. My 2-year-old’s fave art supplies at the moment are chalk (likes to draw on everything with it) and pipe cleaners (likes to bend and pet them).

  64. Chantel says

    My son (2.5) loves glue right now. We cut up sturdy squares of cardboard to use as the ‘paper’ and he pours globs of glue everywhere. There is just no such thing as moderation when it comes to glue :) And his favorite thing to stick in the glue is random found objects (yesterdays included a small slinky, green toy alien, two alien erasers, a wooden toy plane and some other random things)
    My daughter (10 months) is still mostly licking all of our art things. But she is definitely taking a liking to drawing with markers and pencils. I’m actually trying to find some new baby-safe things for her to work with and am coming up short with ideas.
    My favorite art right now is knitting. I love knitting soakers and shorties for my kids’ diaper covers.

  65. Tanya says

    My 5 year old is all over art supplies – markers, paints, all drawing materials – goes through paper like it’s mms. My 2 year old loves to paint – usually all one color.
    Today we happened upon a watercolor workshop in the Boston Public Gardens – unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop and join in, but I could tell my 5 year old really wanted to, and so did I.

  66. says

    Art supplies are big in this house! Personally, I’m loving watercolour pencils, my older daughter is into pastels, my older son is really liking origami paper, and my younger daughter is into glue! My younger son, 1, sticks to the water. :)

  67. says

    We love to paint. We sew, cut, glue, and build. Any scrap paper we can find, we draw on it with prisma pencils. We carry art bags in the car to keep our fingers busy. We hang our art everywhere. We have even started a Children’s Art Group, inspired by your group/blog, of course. This week will take us to the local art museum, and off to the park to paper mache afterward. We are even entering a children’s art contest at the local library in July. Thank you for your inspiration!

  68. Jennifer D says

    My children (ages 4 and 6) are into watercolor crayons at the moment. They like to color with them as crayons and then paint over them with water. The colors are more vibrant than using regular watercolors but they blend similar to paint. Fun stuff!

  69. says

    what a fantastic score!! We love oil pastels…. they are messy and so diverse….. I love your blog…every post is inspiring…. happy creating with your new treasures.

  70. dittdott says

    I love oil paint. I like to paint really thick and have texture to my artwork.
    My 1.5 yr old twins are just delving into the art world. Does PlayDoh count as an art supply? They LOVE playing with the playdoh I made from the recipe you emailed me a while back.
    I love reading your blog, you are so inspiring!

  71. says

    You had a great find today! How sweet of you to share with so many friends readers. Our favorite art supplies right now are crayon rocks and any type of paint.

  72. Karen says

    We love our paints…and our oil pastels…and collage…and stamps here…only the truly messy stuff passes muster with my chllun.
    Art supply yard sale…heaven.

  73. says

    My son’s favourite art supply is a sketchpad from the Dollarama. It costs $1 and he fills it up in a week or two. I just go buy a new one and away he goes, sketching robots and stories images and Wall*E…
    I’d love to be considered for this generous gift!

  74. says

    Wow, looks like you scored a lot of great things!
    My little one’s favorites around here are our stockmar block crayons, and anything he can GLUE!

  75. says

    What a lucky find! I’m so jealous. My daughter loves MY art supplies. So I let her use them. She loves my watercolors. Her new fave is the Crayola air dry white clay. It’s great because it’s 2 days worth of art. Sculpting, then painting after it’s dry.

  76. says

    Hmmm. To choose only a few.
    3 year old loves scissors
    1 year old loves markers (much to Dad’s aggravation)
    both love shaving cream and paint
    by the way you are a great advertisement for liquid watercolors…I am going to order a whole set because of all the cool things you describe that you can do with them.

  77. Hilde says

    Karl’s current favorite art supply is sidewalk chalk. He and some friends rubbed their chalk into a shallow puddle and made “paint” out of it the other day.

  78. Mary W Adams says

    i have to admit that i’m very partial to the crayola color wonder since i don’t have to worry about it getting everywhere…my children have other ideas. My older daughter loves to cut paper with scissors. she makes little peices of confetti and then throws them up in the air and says “surprise!” my younger daughter actually likes painting with mustard. it’s a pretty color and tastes good too!

  79. says

    Markers and any kind of paper (or, ahem, upholstered surface) we can find. My son, 21 months, loves to draw – boats, rivers, dots and waves are the current favourites – and write – “A” and “lists.” I’m looking forward to many years of art and crafting, but right now we are having such fun with our markers and paper.

  80. elana says

    our favorite right now are the paints. my son loves to mix different colors to make new ones, and to paint on his own body :-)
    you are so lucky to get all this stuff for such great price. i’m sure you will all enjoy it a lot!

  81. says

    ooooh what a score! Pity I’m so far in the piedmont.
    Around here the favorites du jour are pen and red/black/yellow/orange crayons to illustrate all matter of fires and fire rescues. My oldest has loved using pen to draw and he’s actually illustrating objects pretty well even repetitively.

  82. threegirlpileup says

    My older dd’s favorite right now is our Lyra Ferby pencils. The triangular shape is so great for my dd, who struggles somewhat with her pencil grip. Vibrant colors and a silky texture, they have squeezed markers and crayons right out of use, at least for the moment.
    My younger dd loves anything sparkly–glitter, glitter glue, fake gems. I love the “make it glitter” additive from discount school supplies–you can add it to any paint and it becomes sparkly. For my little paint lover, it’s great!
    Another thing I’ll mention is Scupt-It air dry clay. It has an amazing texture–like play-doh–and is really easy to work with, and then it air dries beautifully. (It’s a bit spendy, but I buy it using my 40% off coupon at AC moore).

  83. allison says

    Glue mixed with vibrant Colorations liquid water (discount school supply) is our current favorite. The effect it has when it dries– so shiny and glossy!!! Another current favorite of ours is “Funky Foam”..(also discount school supply)… Of all different colors — VERY cool stuff!!! Again — thank you so much for letting so many people in to your treasure box of ideas!! We love it!!

  84. Jamey says

    So it seems a little lackluster compared to what some other people’s kids are using, but my son’s (2.5) usual choice is for pens…. I have a box full of gel pens (the kind that you click “on” and “off”) and he sometimes sits and clicks and just stares at his paper between drawings like he’s contemplating something deep. I think he likes it because they make such bright lines without much pressure unlike crayons which he doesn’t really like at all.

  85. anne says

    Watercolors and good watercolor paper are our favorite art supplies. Everything looks good in watercolor!

  86. says

    I love it when I find a bargain like that. Right now my daughter’s favorite art activity is to paint at her easel. She does not care what kind of paint it is.

  87. says

    Wow! I would have run to an ATM, give yourself credit for exercising restraint!
    My youngest is in love with his Stockmar Beeswax Crayons.
    My oldest loves his Fiskars spring action scissors
    I personally in love with the Lil’ Davinci art frames to hold it all!
    It looks like there are some neat new items to fall in love with in your giveaway…I hope we win!

  88. says

    WOW! Thanks for offering this!
    I have a small one and we are really enjoying doing finger painting. She loves it. My next project is to put food color in cool whip and let her play with that.

  89. ohfishyone says

    What a great giveaway! My almost-3 yr old loves scissors and playdoh. My 14 month old loves markers but pretty much eats anything else art-related…except the scissors.

  90. Jessica says

    Our favorite is paint. My son is 2.5, so he spends equal time painting the paper and painting himself.
    It’s messy, definitely an outside activity, but he loves it so much I set up the supplies as often as I can.

  91. says

    As of right now it is PAINT! I am a kinder teacher and my son is 2, so this summer we are going to do some art projects. I loved your post in March of doing something everyday. We are going to start next week with the pinecone bird feeders and the salt dough. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I love reading about everything that you do with your daughter!!!

  92. Lisa says

    Wow- look at all these responses! I think my little art group is always delighted w/the wonderful colors that the liquid watercolors produce- whether it be coffee filter butterflies or oil pastel resist. Also “gems”- and googly eyes (everything is fun w/googly eyes!)
    Thanks for the feedback the other day. Happy summer!

  93. violingirl says

    My 3 year old is way into tempra paints right now and trying to get different sizes with the brushes. My soon-to-be 2-year-old is obsessed with colored pencils and markers- he’s decided that he’s beyond crayons suddenly.

  94. Ana says

    What a wonderful give-away! And what an amazing yard sale!
    favorites at our house are paints of any kind, glittery markers, and pom-poms + glue.

  95. Wendy McDaniel says

    My 6yo and 3yo daughters love all arts and crafts. Right now our favorite is glue and tissue paper. We love to make pictures for all 3 grandma’s. We get lots of great ideas from your blog, so thank you for all you do!

  96. says

    Oh yes please! We have just started a toddler art collective so this would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity! (:

  97. amy says

    Wow! What a score! My daughter’s favorite is probably tempera paint (colorations brand washable). A close second would be any kind of glitter. :)

  98. Lisa says

    My favorite art material is colored pencils. I lived in a field station in the Panamanian rain forest for over 6 months a few years ago and I loved to sketch the plants with colored pencils.

  99. says

    currently its watercolors, for me its fabric, i just learned to sew and i am thoroughly enjoying your book!

  100. Jeannette says

    My son loves paint brushes. He gets overwhelmed when he gets too messy, so doesn’t like to get his hands into things too much. But he loves experimenting with paint brushes.
    What a fun stash!!
    I’m looking forward to see what your art group is up to this summer! :)

  101. Katrina says

    ooooohhhhh, yummy art supplies! My son’s current passion is sidewalk chalk. Our driveway and patio are covered with maps with roads and bridges and tunnels. I even recognize some of them. I think he’s going to be an engineer. He also loves markers (to draw roads and bridges and tunnels). Oh, and masking tape. He also loves scissors but I can’t keep him from cutting his clothes. Argh!!!

  102. Maureen says

    My favorite is the liquid watercolors. My boys favorites are scissors and scrap paper. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  103. says

    Man, oh man, I don’t know if we can choose favorite art supplies – that’s like asking me to choose a favorite dessert lol. We love them ALL! I would have to say that right now we love all things paint related, any kind of paint, and my 3-year-old has recently developed a deep fascination with multi-color glitter. This would be an incredible prize to win! :)

  104. says

    I LOVE anything I can make something with – found objects, clay, paint, embroidery, you name it! My 3 year old loves painting more than anything – he could paint all day…but he does not like coloring in coloring books – he asks me for paints! He loves making stories and illustrating them :). Awesome giveaway!!

  105. says

    My Bird is enjoying watercolors right now. We did the watercolor resist with painters tape last week. She has created a lovely collection.

  106. says

    We especially love markers, paint and oh-so messy glitter (which is now only for outside use, thank you very much ;). What a great giveaway. I am starting up a small home child care in September and this could be extra handy. Btw if we were lucky enough to win while we are outside the US now, we’ll be returning to the US in August and have a US address currently :) xx

  107. candice burt daignault says

    Right now our favorite art supplies are acrylic paints, rocks, paint brushes, and acrylic sealer spray. . . add them all together and you have a fun summer project. We also came up with the idea to make ‘vegetable row markers’ with the rocks, paint each rock with a name and or picture of the vegetable you planted and voila! No more forgetting what you planted, unless the little one gets a hold of them and makes a stock pile :-)

  108. Gemma says

    Among my kids favorites are paint, plasticine and pipe cleaners…and sometimes all together. What a wonderful mess that makes. :)

  109. attachlings says

    Wow. You did have a great day of finds. :D
    I love tempura paints. They are so creamy and luscious and my children love to blend their own colors…almost more than the painting itself.

  110. Kim says

    My kids favorite art supply is paint. They don’t care if its fingerpaint, watercolors, paint with brushes, sponges…whatever. They just love paint! We enjoy painting inside and outside. They would love this :)

  111. says

    My son’s favorite supply is tape. He tapes things together, laminates things and uses it extensively to tape together his trash sculptures. I still have tape wrapped around chair and table legs from when he was a toddler. We always have a supply ready for him!

  112. says

    WOW! You scored. The only thing better I can think of is if there had been a fabric sale taking place at the same time.
    I love watercolors and really good quality watercolor paper, my son loves his Lyra colored pencils and a blank notebook.

  113. Mags Australia says

    Thank you for this! We love all sorts of papers and paints, playdough and collage materials. I also love blank journals, thick paper, colour fineline markers and fountain pens.

  114. Jodi says

    With my 2-year old son and summer, right now everything is about the sand box. So I would have to say that making tracks in the sand is our favorite art activity for now, with sand being the favorite art supply. Hope I can find a sale as good as yours someday soon! Thanks for sharing.

  115. says

    We love all art supplies in our house, but I guess if I had to pick for myself it would be Watercolor painting. My 4 year old (who will be 5 on the 29th) loves any kind of paint, markers, crayons, pens, etc…We are both painter’s at heart. We also love paper crafts, like stamping, collaging, and origami. We get so many great ideas from your site. Just yesterday we cut out 40 shapes all different colors for the summer activities we want to do. Most consisted of art related activities. Thanks for a great give a way, and website!

  116. ksmama says

    Hmm. I recently found some drawer’s chalk at a flea market and have been enjoying experimenting with that in my nature journal. My biggest go-to for my 5-year-old is crayons, but, let’s face it, the girl loves GLITTER. We would both love this box of art supplies, and should we win we’d greet the postman with much dancing and singing!!

  117. Betty W says

    thank you for this amazing giveaway. at the moment my little one is loving stamps, glitter and gluing anything and everything!

  118. momknitter says

    For myself, I love nice carbon drawing pencils, acrylic paints and oil pastels. My daughter is a budding artist and her favorite art supplies are nice paper with markers. She draws all day long!

  119. EGS says

    My daughter LOVES anything she can write with–pens, markers, crayons, and most recently chalk. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Megret says

    I love oil pastels. I know they’re messy and pricey, but they were my favorite medium as a child — loved how the glided on so smoothly. One day I can introduce them to my two!

  121. says

    I love getting your posts in my email! Very inspiring! My kids’ favorite art supplies are colored pencils. We use them everyday! This is a great giveaway, thanks for doing it!

  122. says

    My toddler’s summer favorite: bucket of water, a wide selection of paint brushes (different sizes and shapes) and the driveway as her easel. She spends endless amounts of time painting, splattering, making puddles and making and painting with mud too!

  123. Viva says

    We love lot’s of stuff, but this past year my son’s teacher put “Mr. Sketch” markers on his supply list and I had forgotten how AWESOME these scented markers were! I had a nostalgic moment and he has fallen in love. Thanks for the great blog!

  124. gigi says

    Paint, paint and more paint. My kids love paint. Quickly becoming a new fave in our house this month are watercolor pencils that you can blend with water. I really enjoy them myself! Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  125. says

    My daughter is still pretty young (almost 2) but her current favorites are play-doh, paint and drawing at her easel.

  126. Marina says

    We love paint!!!!! Especially watercolors and markers!!
    Thanks for sending some of your good luck our way!!!!

  127. jenn says

    my son loves crayons, chalk and watercolor. he also loves to fold paper, does that count? he is only 2 but folding paper into shapes is an almost daily activity.
    thanks for the give-away!

  128. gabriella says

    My son is just beginning to explore … mostly with his mouth! I cannot introduce art supplies safely for him just yet, but I found a fantastic way for him to use his fingers and water on fabric as a means for art exploration! He laughs when his fingertips leave dark water marks on the fabric! Then, he watches me draw silly faces with my fingertips!
    I’d love to have this stash of art materials to put aside for him as he gets older and ready to use them!!!
    Thank you!

  129. Amy says

    wow, when you do a giveaway you get a million comments! I guess we all love new art supplies, eh? :)
    My kids love paint in all its varieties- finger, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, (no oil here yet). They don’t get to paint nearly as much as they’d like because I’m no good at keeping the mess down. Glitter might tie for first place too. Same story there. I only do glitter outside. Other favorites are playdough, markers, glue, scissors, tape, and fabric crayons. We just did a fabric crayon project and I was remembering your pillow buddy example- thinking I might try making one this summer with both kids.
    My favorite supply is paper- big sheets, little sheets, bound into books, plain, colored, handmade, machine made… but really, I love everything too, just like my kids.
    I don’t post all that often, but I do really enjoy your blog. I’ve been inspired by your toddler art group too. If you can handle paper mache with that kind of crowd or plaster in bags or all these things you have done… surely I’ll be okay during a week long art camp w/ 60 kids. (I was. Thanks!)

  130. says

    My son still hasn’t revealed any interest in making art, other than the playdough. So I guess this is our favorite for now. Thanks!

  131. Annette says

    My son loves to create – you name it we’ve used it. His all time favorite (right now) is tape . . what is not to love . . sticky, holds things, etc. :)

  132. threesneakybugs says

    Wow, you really hit the jackpot didn’t you?! OK, favs… hmmm…. I think my 4yr old would say ink stamps and my 2 yr old would say puppy stickers. However, I know the reaction when I say let’s get out the paint. Either I don’t do it enough or that’s really their favorite.

  133. Prerna says

    finger paints- although they are messy but it can keep my daughter busy for hours…

  134. says

    My little ones favourite art materials right now are coloured marker pens. My favourite are water colour paints.
    Cardboard cartons in the recycling bin (old egg cartons, cornflakes packets etc…), tape and coloured pencils are also popular. We like to make horses out of them!

  135. kelli says

    We love paper, paint, markers, stamps, pencils, paint, scissors, stickers. We’ve recently worked with 1 part shaving cream and 1 part white glue to make “clouds” which retain some shape when they dry. Lovely!
    I’m so inspired by your blog (and the end of the pre-school year) to start a Friday afternoon art group. I think we’ll start with shaving cream art and move into paint in the next few weeks. I’ll have to see what the response is from our friends.

  136. Kelli says

    I would have to say my son’s favorite art supply is water. His second would be paper, crayons, and tape. I on the other hand love paint!

  137. says

    Our daughter is only one and enjoys painting the sidewalk with water! We are also working on jumbo crayons. My favorite would have to be paper of any kind.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  138. Michele Nemeth says

    Oh our family LOVES to paint! Watercolors are our favorite but we just started with some brandy new tempera paints today! But anything artsy makes us smile,markers.crayons,colored pencils, stamps,paper, glue, glitter….oh you name it we love it!!

  139. says

    Jean, you are so kind! My 3yo loves glue with anything, especially glitter and sequins. My 7yo says his favorite is tape, scissors, and ruler. At least today, it is!

  140. says

    My daughter absolutely loves to draw so I buy sketch books at Michaels or Walgreens and use paper that is printed on only one side and recycle it for her drawings.

  141. says

    My kids favorite art material at the moment is a set of Faber-Castell Gel Sticks…it’s like drawing with lipstick ;) Crayola makes something similar, I believe they call them Slick Sticks…..?

  142. says

    I love reading your blog posts and so appreciate it and you!!!…Thank you for sharing yourself and your inspiration with so many!!! ….At our home we love to paint with tempera paint and just got some liqid watercolors which are our new favorite. What a great give away prize!

  143. says

    My personal favorite is my pens. My children (unable to use mom’s pens …. yet) love to use their markers. They are slowly dwindling do to missing lids. We could really use 3 new packs! How fun!

  144. katie frank says

    I’m so jealous of your awesome find!!!
    Miles’s favorite art supplies are (in this order) scissors, glue sticks, paint (any kind), and Smencils (mainly for the smelly factor)
    Thanks!!! Awesome prize!

  145. Kim says

    MY fav(s) art supplies are watercolor pencils(!!!!) and rubber cement which i recently bought and played with for the first time since like 5th grade! my kids’ are paint in any form.

  146. says

    My daughter’s favorite- is in the giveaway! Prang tempera cakes rock. We live on a boat and can’t carry tons, but they pack a mean punch for small size. We love them.

  147. Annette Standrod says

    Ooooh! I really like watercolor crayons. My two daughters ages 2 1 will use anything and love it all. Lately it has been watercolors.

  148. says

    I am soooo jelous of your fabulous garage sale art supply find. What a score! Probably not the place to mention it but i’ve started a simularily themed blog to yours- the artist/parent theme. I just rediscoved your blog and think it’s fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us and our kids!

  149. Jessica F says

    My kids favorite art supplies are sketch pads and colored pencils, it keeps them busy for hours. That’s really two things,but you can’t have one without the other!

  150. anna says

    My daughters favorite art supplies is our collage box. She loves digging through it and deciding what to take from the box to add to her art creation. We usually just give her a gluestick and the box and she keeps busy for a good hour! The box has buttons, cotton balls, sequins, fabric scraps, ribbon scraps, foam shapes, fake flowers, you name it!!

  151. becky says

    I bet your heart was beating fast when you found all those goodies!! What a deal! We love paint here. Big paper and big brushes for the littles and my olders love a little palette and wooden peg people. (they’ve created a whole cast of greek myth characters and a fleet of Star Wars figures) I would love to replenish our art stash with those lovely finds of yours.

  152. Jill says

    My son loves dry-erase markers and my daughter loves chalk. But they both think it’s the highlight of the day when I pull out the watercolors.

  153. Shannon says

    Oil pastels and watercolor paint, we can never get enough of these, definitely my favorites with the kiddos!

  154. Kate says

    My favorite art material is paper of any kind, especially photo papers and nice printmaking paper. My daughter loves watercolors. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  155. Agnes says

    Chalk! We painted our food pantry door with chalkpaint and our 3-yr-old son loves drawing on it.

  156. says

    too fun! i’ve been taking some of your art project ideas and trying them with my daughter recently and she’s been loving it. i’d say i am a sucker for nice paper. and my daughter is really into paints – watercolors are mainly what i’ve let her dive into so far.

  157. JuliKay2u says

    Just before I found your blog, I turned a corner of our house into a crafting corner, complete with a seperate drawer for each kid to keep their current projects and several with misc. supplies to inspire them. It’s great watching them rifle through all the “junk” to find the perfect addition to their art project! All in all I’d say their favorite supplies are pipe cleaners and egg cartons, although toilet and paper towel rolls aren’t far behind! Gotta love those free crafting supplies!
    I’ve been so very inspired by your blog. I love all your great ideas! I’m going to be watching two neighborhood kids twice a week this summer for extra cash and can’t wait to get all four of them crafting! :) (Now all I have to do is try to make sure I don’t spend all the extra cash on art supplies for us to use!) Keep up the great posts!

  158. says

    Wow, great finds!! My almost 3-yr old loves to paint, especially if it means drawing “tattoos” on herself. My almost 10-month old does not appreciate messy hands but would rather rip paper or grasp yarn bits. I myself am a chalk sort og gal… :)

  159. Andrea says

    My 3yr. old son is really loving the window (glass) crayons that I recently purchased. The large glass on our french doors makes a perfect canvas and the best part is that by getting to color on the windows he thinks he is getting away with doing something mischievous. Oh and I like them too for writing love notes to my hubby on the mirrors! :)

  160. Evelyn says

    We love to do crafts here at our house and especially love working with our grandchildren and seeing their unique minds work the arts.

  161. martha s. says

    Our favorites always tend to be whatever our latest discovery happens to be. Current favorites are powdered tempera paint (sprinkled onto paper then rubbed with ice to make a painting) and colored sand (sprinkled onto paper w/ glue).
    I love that there always seem to be new projects out there to discover!! Only problem is that I can’t stop buying new supplies….

  162. says

    Oh, fun! What great free cheap supplies.
    My kids are 2 and nearly 7. Their absolute favorite art supply is an end roll of newsprint we got on our tour of our local newspaper. It’s their favorite because using it all but guarantees that we’ll be doing something super messy, like painting with koosh balls, flyswatters, or our feet!

  163. Leah says

    How cool is that? I wish we could find an art supply yard sale. But I do have a nice, local frame shop nearby that I may just have to hit up for matboard scraps. My favorite art supply from when I was a kid is Cray-Pas. My brother, neighbors and I all used to sit together and draw with them.

  164. Lindsey says

    What a great find! My almost 3 yr. old currently loves gluing sparkles/beans/noodles to paper/wood/anything I’ll let her! Love reading your blog and have gained much inspiration and project ideas!!

  165. says

    My kids love watercolors and pastels. I really like watercolor pencils and paper. Growing up I just used regular paper for watercolor work – ow good paper makes a difference.

  166. Hillary says

    We love paper. My daughter loves scissors but is on a break from them after a severe haircut. What a great yard sale

  167. suzie says

    My eight daughters love water color pencils and pastels( they love getting messy with those!) The younger ones love paint and the older ones love the moe “sophisticated ” art supplies – pencil and paper!

  168. katey says

    WOW!! awesome giveaway!!! My kids always keep begging me for paint, colors, draw papers. my nieces and nephews love doing with my kids. you are so lucky to found wonderful yard sale!!! :)

  169. rebecca says

    My kids love paints. Their favorite lately has been their dad’s watercolor stash which he generously takes out any time they ask. I’m still dreaming of the free time to work with y favorite art material- material. As the sewing table is full of half-done projects for everyone else who knows when that will happen…Yet all the creative energy in this house makes me smile.

  170. says

    So far, really just crayons. We’ve tried glue and tissue paper, but keep going back to good old crayons.

  171. Liisa says

    Hands down, our favorite art material is paint right now. Our favorite subject to paint is rocks. We have piles and piles of rocks to choose from so we never run out of rocks…but sometimes paint.

  172. says

    Our favorites would have to be paint and sidewalk chalk (does that count?). They’re always painting something inside or drawing something outside.

  173. Julie says

    My almost 3 year old LOVEs to use markers to draw and “scribble scrabble” in her Milanna Book- we made a little journal out of paper and some ribbon- it’s been really nice to use when she’s having a meltdown because a girl can get a lot of satisfaction from markers! She also loves paints, glitter, stickers and decorating containers.

  174. Carey says

    My son really loves his Crayola Twistables – the slick stix. I discovered these thanks to YOU! Thank you! It’s like drawing with lipstick, which is appealing to me too. :)

  175. Jen Baker says

    Our fav. is an Oriental Trading catalog and a pair of scissors.
    My 4 year old loves cutting all the bright kid items and creating a collage
    out of them! Toy catalogues work great too!
    We use blue galactic glitter glue to complete the “fun.”

  176. amy souza says

    our new favorite medium is CLAY!!!
    we are rockin’ the clay lately although you can find massive amounts of glitter as well in our art closet.

  177. naturalkids says

    We love colored pencils! Our favorite type are the watercolor ones that can be dipped into water to create a beautiful watercolor effect. They are so much fun – all 5 of our kids love to use these!

  178. Jenn says

    Well, my daughter is almost 3 and she loves paint. We just bought some new brushes so she has been experimenting with the different thicknesses and lines she can make. I love watercolour pencils too. And paper, and pastels, and chalk, the list goes on and on….

  179. Jennifer says

    Oh how we would love to win this!! My 9 year old’s favorite art supplies right now are different size artists brushes. She is experimenting with how different width and textures of brushes produce different effects. My 6 year olds favorite art supply is a collection of scrapbooking paper, sticker, glitter glue, scissors and a bunch of family photos. She is busy making her own scrapbook :)

  180. teachingyoungchildren says

    I loved reading everyone’s responses, because I am a total virgin when it comes to art supplies. I came from a different culture and don’t have first-hand experience with all this abundance I encounter in art supplies section of Target or (gasp!) Target. So far I’d say that play-doh is a favorite for my 2.5 year old. She loves tactile activities, and play-doh is great.

  181. Lucie says

    my almost four year old daughter is really into cutting, so I must say scissors!!!!! thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Nikki says

    My son is just starting on his art adventure. So far he likes finger painting and scribbling with crayons. Of course his food has been working nicely as well! What a great collection of art supplies!

  183. Monique says

    I can’t thank you enough for your amazing, amazing blog. My daughter and I started ‘copying’ your ideas this spring and we both have had a blast. Since I found this blog, I have not yet found the need to look for my own ideas, though my goal is one planned project weekly, not quite daily like you seem to manage!
    My daughter’s enjoys doing ‘punching work’, using a (very) large-headed thumb tack to punch through a shape printed/drawn on paper (at school it was usually a seasonal shape, like hearts in February). It’s more of a Montessori work, but still an art form and my daughter never tires of it (and it can also be done free-form, just for the process of punching, or as they get older they can draw their own shapes). Maia may enjoy this now that she is interested in making letters and forms. In terms of art, this is a fun way for a young child to ‘cut’ out shapes that would be difficult to do with scissors.

  184. says

    Wow! Wish I could have gone to that yard sale!!! Please enter me in your drawing. Currently, my favorite art supply is little slide boxes (like matchboxes but plain white). I have recently made a number of little “shrines” with them.

  185. says

    My favorite art material has always been watercolor paints–now my toddler loves painting, too! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  186. Sandi says

    Thanks Jean for this wonderful giveaway and for continuing this inspirational blog. My 2 and half year old daughter loves all types of paint, but she also really likes glue and scissors. Play dough too – reminds me it’s time to make up some batches!

  187. Kendra says

    My daughter loves to draw with anything. She started out with crayons, then markers, and she is now loving PAINT! We would be outside all day long if we could, letting her paint anything and everything that can be painted on. We have a designated art supply bin that she takes out there, but she mostly uses the paints. I love watching her make wonderful artwork, as I am not that great, but I try to get better everyday (my husband is an artist, so I see him having a great influence on her.) Thanks for a wonderful blog – I love following it!

  188. Ann Metts says

    I read this blog religiously but have never commented. So first off, thanks for blogging. I do almost every art project you do and the ones I haven’t done are on a list to do later. You have also inspired me to add “learn to sew” on my list. My daughter is really loving paint these days. She also loves to glue and collage. Thanks again.

  189. Maureen says

    Ooh, what a great sale find! Enjoy it!
    My three-year-old has been very into glue sticks lately. Watercolor paints have also been a big hit.

  190. Katie says

    Lately it’s been paper, scissors and staples — plus a glue stick and crayons or markers. My 6-year-old has been teaching my 4-year-old how to make her own lift-the-flap books and they’ve been making books for days now! Even though the 4-year-old can’t read yet, she’s been writting random letters on the pages to go with the pictures, then asking me to read them to her.
    And today the stapler itself became an art supply — they were making staple designs on folded pieces of paper this afternoon. It’s so fun to watch the way their creative minds work!

  191. glaucia says

    My favorite supply is paint, specifically, watercolors.
    My boys’ favorite supplies… scissors–the oldest enjoys cutting
    paint–the youngest is a budding artist
    I just recently discovered your blog and am loving it!! Thanks for such great ideas!

  192. Melissa says

    Is there anything better than beeswax?? Love the smell of it, beeswax crayons, modeling wax…mmmmm

  193. Kate says

    My 5 year old loves plain white paper and markers. My 3 year old loves paint. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that they both love scissors :-)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! We would LOVE to put this stuff to good use!

  194. Shelli says

    Our favorite medium would be paint. We love to paint with different things but our two favorite tools would be spray bottles and hotwheels. Just can’t get enough of it.

  195. Deborah says

    We like it all – but my 6yr old is in a watercolor pencil, colored pencil, fine tipped marker phase. Art is a contact sport for my 2 1/2 yr old – the messier the better – markers, glue sticks, ink dotters, paints.
    Thank you for the offer!

  196. blackspotter says

    I would have to say my son’s moleskin notebook and his pastels. He adores them and can sit forever creating pictures, and I love that I have them in a notebook to save for years to come.

  197. Gina says

    My fou-year-old son is really into collage lately. We keep a box full of “randoms” in our craft/art closet. We would love some new stuff especially the water colors. Yay for giveaways!

  198. Karilyn Wax says

    Yay! This is just what my family needs this summer! My three kids would be thrilled! Love your blog! It’s inspired many fun family days, and fun projects for my Montessori preschool students!

  199. says

    I have to tell you that I would positively FREAK OUT at an art supply yard sale. I would have to have oxygen administered, for sure.
    The art supply fave o’ the day around here is paint. Both girls love, love, love paints of any sort – watercolors, tempera, glitter paints, finger paints. We go through a LOT of paint. I’m thinking I need to take your advice and start ordering from discount school supply!

  200. Jill H. says

    Markers and paint…the girls practically will paint anything that sits still long enough!

  201. michelle says

    We love Sculpy – it is magical….with a little natural color sculpy clay anything can transpire! We have created forest animals, hidden hide-outs, dishes, gnomes, every snake like creature that can be imagined and so much more. After a quick bake, out come the markers, paints, or even mud for bringing the creations to life!

  202. Mama Molly says

    We love paint, too! My three year old thinks paint is best used when applied to his chest and hands. He loves fingerpaint, but anything he can smear on his chest is good. He’s learning to love crayons and markers, but his fine motor skills haven’t caught up quite yet.

  203. says

    My daughter and I love to create art together. We try to send out a card each month to a friend and one to her great-grandma. He favorite thing so far to use are stamps. She just turned 2 yesterday and stamps are an easy way for her to make something pretty along with all her cute scribbles.

  204. Sarah says

    Jean, thank you for taking the time to share with us all of your excellent ideas and inspiration. My daughter is 2, so we have become acquainted with paint, crayons and markers, but I’ve just introduced kid-proof scissors, and she is delighted! It’s so much fun to watch her learn to use them. So that’s our current favorite. Thanks again!

  205. says

    Oh my goodness, what a great find! I would freak out if I stumbled across a yard sale like that…amazing!
    Our favorite art supply is hard to nail down. My kids love paint, markers, pastels, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, glitter, etc. I have to say that my kids favorite art supplies are found in the recycle bin. I know it’s not really an art supply but my kids find such creativity in that little green bin!
    My personal favorite for kids are Wikki sticks and Magic Nuudles for sculptures.

  206. Jenny says

    Finger paints. The messier the better! My 2 and 4 year old girls both love it. Thanks you.

  207. Jill says

    My 4 year old’s favorite art supply is a pair of scissors and lots of paper. His 2 year old brother loves watercolor paints. My favorite art supply is glue and lots of different collage materials – feathers, paper, sticks, cardboard, etc…Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  208. Maleka says

    Glue sticks, glue, scissors and loads of loads of things to cut with the scissors, and thick paint. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  209. Jane Metzger says

    My 5 year old loves to create her own books, so right now the favorites are blank books and markers. I personally prefer paint to markers, but they aren’t asking my opinion. My almost-3 year old loves scissors and markers. I consider myself a non-artist reawakened to the joys of drawing and painting (I’m more of a sewer and knitter), and we are having so much fun with it.
    I will be keeping my eye out at garage sales for art supplies!

  210. Tracey says

  211. says

    These days, we’re loving homemade playdoh (a recipe from Highlights has made me happier for use with my 2 1/2 year old than the alum recipe from my youth). My daughter is also very into any kind of paint to use with her hands. She said, “I wanna paint my hands,” and I took her to mean paint with, but no, she wants to paint all over her hands to make prints on the page. I love the results, but the process is not quite as containable as a more traditional brush approach can be! Also, fabric crayons have been part of the gift-making fun we’ve been enjoying lately (J. draws on fabric and then momma makes it into a pillow, bag, or potholder).
    By the way, I have just recently discovered your blog (as a result of the article you wrote in _Mothering_ about momma blogs). I really love the ideas you present and your writing voice. I feel like I’ve won a prize just by being able to go through your archives! Thanks!

  212. Terra says

    Great finds!
    Our favorite art supply – these days, anyway – is paint. My almost-3-year-old loves being at her easel with an assortment of colors!

  213. says

    Googly Eyes and glue. . . and feathers and beads. Those things, plus the usual (crayons, paper, pens, tape) and my 4 year old is entertained for hours.

  214. Wendi says

    Oh, you lucky duck! I never run across such great deals!
    My favorite is watercolors, my childrens’ favorite is colored pencils and watercolors. (There is a universal dislike of crayons here.) I want to have them try pastels, but I don’t know much about how to properly use them myself, so I’ve hesitated. I have no art background, but I have them copy the illustrations in children’s books to learn about art. This means that they first have to decipher what medium was used, then, how the artist was able to create their composition. I’ve learned a lot from this method as well!

  215. says

    My three year old son’s favorite art tool is scissors. He loves to cut anything and everything with scissors and then use glitter glue to complete his masterpieces.
    The 18 month old…well he likes it all!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  216. Elizabeth says

    My daughter loves paint. Paint on rocks, leaves, recyclables, scrap fabric…and then, we transfer the painted texture to a piece of paper like a stamp. Besides paint, I think clay would be a close second.

  217. Violet says

    My daughter loves her scissors, tape, any kind of paper and markers. She makes all kinds of things for hours on end.

  218. says

    I really like giving my kids at home and at school (I teach kindergarten) high quality art materials if at all possible. I have been sharing my Prismaoclor colored pencils with my 4 year old daughter and she loves them. I also have taught her how to use a small manual pencil sharpener – which she manages over the garbage herself. I also have let my kids experiment with nice oil pastels and watercolor on student grade watercolor paper. This giveaway would be a wonderful gift. Thank you for your inspiration.

  219. JulieB says

    My kids love tape! They tape pictures to paper, pictures to pictures, even tape to other tape! The simple pleasures of being a kid!

  220. Kristin says

    My two-year-old loves stamps, and after finding Lena Corwin’s Printing By Hand, I have a renewed love for them, too.

  221. Jenn says

    wow, what a find. Thank you for sharing
    with a lucky person. My three year old
    loves to paint. He gets excited when he
    thinks of new things to use as a brush.
    For example, one day he was using a stick
    to scrape into the paint…so exciting.

  222. Mary and Ellie says

    Our favorites are paint and markers. Thank you for this fun giveaway! This is our first time here but won’t be our last!!

  223. Tracy says

    My 4 year old loves his Crayola Pip Squeak markers. He draws with them a few times a day. He loves to paint too, but the paint doesn’t have his heart like those markers do:)

  224. Tamrah T. says

    Our latest favorite supplies would be cardboard, crayons, scissors, and tape. Ask me tomorrow and the list will be slightly different :0) We just love to create! Thanks for the chance to be in your generous giveaway.

  225. says

    My daughter isn’t too picky, but is especially happy when she sees the glue bottle. I am not sure what it is, but she likes to squeeze it and see ALL of the glue come out!

  226. Mary-Jane O says

    How fun!
    My 4 year old loves to create with anything! Recycle cardboard, glue, wool, buttons, paper, scissors etc.
    We made large paper sunflowers for all 9 pre-school teachers for their end-of-year thank you gifts.
    Thank you for your generous gift – I love art blogs, thanks!

  227. Laura says

    You’re so awesome to do this! We love paint in particular, and I’m drooling over the tempera cakes.

  228. Mel says

    My boys are complete painting fanatics The young one is 18months, he screams the place down when it\’s time to pack up! I used to paint before the kids, acrylics. Nowadays I quilt, I know that isn\’t technically art… but it\’s how I spend my creative energy!

  229. says

    My kids favorite art supply is construction paper. And it has to be green (for Sawyer). We also use alot of paint, glitter glue, crayons, markers, and oil pastels. And envelopes are a big hit these days…

  230. Christine says

    Obviously all types of paper are essential. My favorite are the stockmar crayons. Another favorite are googly eyes. We created some pretty cute characters.

  231. Amy says

    Lately our fave has been homemade playdough — scented with vanilla (although the pleasant scent doesn’t last nearly as long as the playdough).
    Thanks for all your ideas!

  232. Sarah says

    My dauhter is 2 so we are just starting to get her art supplies together. She is actually attending a painting art camp thsi week and I am getting a lot of ideas. I would love to expand our supplies to more than crayons and colored pencils.

  233. Ann says

    Mine –
    Lyra Ferbie Colored Pencils. Thick lead – super color – just quality feel.
    The boys – tape, glue and scraps of paper and cardboard for creating everything.
    Display – We have two rows of the Ikea wire with little alligator clips up on a wall to hang everything from home and school.

  234. Mir says

    Oil pastels are definitely a favorite. Being able to blend rich colors, makes them like crayons except a lot more fun.

  235. ceci says

    I think paper is my favorite art material. You can stamp it, paint it, fold it, tear it, punch it, soak, dye, shred it, draw on it. We can use fresh new paper, previously used paper. You can tape up holes, glue things on, make your own with almost anything, sew it, cut and fold it in to 3 dimensional shapes. My gosh, you can roll it, laminate it, burn it, texture it. Some of these things you can do with leaves, also, which are fun sometimes, too, but today I think I like paper best. What a good invention!
    Thanks for sharing your fun ideas and explorations with us. Have fun!

  236. Hollis Woodrow says

    My kids both love to paint, with scissors, tape, and glue coming in second.

  237. Daniela says

    we truly love everything arts crafts related, but right now my kids are so into beeswax crayons and tempera paint!

  238. Angelina says

    My kids love doing all kinds of arts and crafts but they are really into painting, glitter, and cutting.

  239. Kelly M. says

    My children would enjoy these art materials! They especially love any art project that incorporates materials from nature… water, sand, shells, rocks, sticks, feathers, flowers, leaves!

  240. Kathryn says

    We have some great art supplies, but my son loves the Crayola Twistable markers best. Bright colors!

  241. meghan says

    thank you so much for this blog. i have only been visiting for a few months but i’m very inspired and have talked to a few of my friends about starting an art group with our 3 year olds. my favorite art supply is fabric. i love the colors and patterns and versatility. my 3 and 1/2 year old is a true girl and loves all things glitter or shiny. i have a six month old too and i can’t wait until the two can create together.
    again thank you so much for this blog! meghan

  242. Kathabelle says

    My favorite? oh, it depends on my mood, but often it is anything involving collage, mixed media, etc. For the kids, anything messy, which means paint. Would love to win, would make our summer even better.

  243. Scrap wood sculptures with the art group | DodaPedia says

    […] made wood sculptures with the art group yesterday using frame pieces, popsicle sticks, and some other small scrap wood pieces. The kids glued all these together and to […]

  244. Mary says

    I recently started to paint again (oil) not working but need to start because I suffer from depression.