Our beach-themed summer nature table

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This will be my last beach post, I promise. I set up this nature table in Maia’s room while she was out with Harry last night and used the cardboard house, a couple of very wrinkled playsilks, the sand sculpture, some seashells, an overdressed little doll, and the sculpey nature prints we made a few days ago from shells and seaside plants.



This is easily my favorite photo of the whole trip — one Bobbi took of Maia looking at a starfish.




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  1. elizabeth says

    Wow! I really like this! I wonder if South Padre Island in Texas has starfish? I’ve never seen them in the surf like that.

  2. says

    I love your nature spot. Totally kid friendly and nothing pretentious, it is beautiful. Perfectly inspiring!!!

  3. says

    Maybe. I think they are often near the coastline. We saw several starfish on the beach or in the surf. And after a storm there are often many washed up on the beach.

  4. says

    What lovely presentation and the addition of the photo and the mould castings is key for revisiting learning.
    Simple but gorgeous

  5. Robyn says

    This is a WONDERFUL site and I am really glad to have found it thru another site…I can’t wait to try the sand relief designs at the beach with my grandkids!! Thanks so much!