Stained Glass Autumn Leaves and Jack-O-Lanterns

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Stained Glass Autumn Leaves and Jack O Lanterns

We had a couple friends over yesterday to make stained glass leaves with us. We used crayon shavings and waxed paper and made them much the way we made our valentine hearts.

These are just taped to the window though, rather than hung by string. I love how they look with the sun shining through them!


Maia and I also had fun making these stained glass jack-o-lanterns.

She’s very excited about Halloween and has been talking a lot lately about costume possibilities and what people will dress up as. This conversation usually segues into a discussion about what people will be when they grow up—as if there’s a connection. Since she’s planning to be a red dragon for Halloween, I think that’s pretty funny.

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  1. says

    Your stained glass leaves are so pretty. I haven’t made any in years–might be great for our rainy weekend!
    The red dragon costume sounds wonderful. I hope you share some pictures. My daughter used to choose things like a tiger costume, or snow leopard–now it’s all ballerinas and princesses. I miss the fierce costumes!
    You have been so busy. So many posts! I am impressed, given you have a newborn at home.

  2. Jill says

    Hi Jean, My second baby is due in just 3 weeks, and I feel so hopeful about being able to keep up and continue to enjoy the days with my 3 year old daughter from your posts since Daphne has been born. Baking, art, fresh library books…all our favorite things too. Thanks so much for continuing to share here.

  3. says

    I know. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do or post much with a newborn, but it seems like I’ve been doing and posting more lately. Luckily, this babe is sweet and easy so far which makes it possible. She sleeps in the sling a lot. And I’m probably neglecting other things I should be doing!

  4. Lynelle says

    May I ask what a day in the week is like for you? Are you a scheduled mom with breakfast at certain time, art at another, nap etc..? I would love to hear how you manage the two and time for art. Thanks. =)

  5. Jenni says

    I’m wondering what is that wax paper? Where do you get that? What kind of paper is that? Where do you use it?
    I love your site and I visit here now and then.
    Greetings from Finland!!!

  6. says

    Yes, it’s waxed paper which I just purchased at the grocery store (in the aisle with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc). It’s fairly transparent and has a waxy surface that melts slightly when ironed. Hope you can find some. It’s a fun project! -Jean

  7. says

    I printed out a leaf template from online (just did a google search for “leaf template” and chose one I liked), then traced the leaf onto cardstock (I used an old file folder) and cut it out to make a stronger template that I could use for tracing. -Jean

  8. says

    Does this make all of you as happy as it makes me? LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright colors! Remember to do this project throughout the year with other themes, like blue and white for snowflakes and snowmen, red for Valentines, etc. Great fun, and a traditional art experience all kids should explore over and over. Jean, the Artful Parent is my favorite blog. Thank you.
    MaryAnn Kohl, author

  9. Monique says

    We finally made these yesterday. They are gorgeous!! Thank you, thank you!!! We hung them with thread and the colors truly blend in with the few remaining leaves on the bush outside our window. Magical!

  10. Tina says

    I love this idea!! And I have done this MANY years ago with kiddos, but the above link no longer works and I have forgotten how exactly this works… Is there any way you could re-visit this project and tell me the steps? I would love to do this with my daughter this fall/Halloween!!

  11. says

    Yes, Mandy. We melt crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper with an iron. Make sure to have some newsprint under and on top of your wax paper during the ironing process, though!

  12. Jennifer says

    Hello, I was curious what you use to grate the crayon up with? Do you just use a kitchen grater or do you use a knife? Thank you.