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Reading Barbara Kingsolvers latest amazing book, The Lacuna. Slowly. When I can. Mostly while nursing. Also slipping away to my favorite bakery/coffeeshop for some reading time after Harry gets home.


Entering over 200 children's names into a spreadsheet so I can match them up with other children of similar ages. E-mails are still trickling in, but I've got most down so far. I just need to go buy some paper today so I can print them out. The next step is to match each child up with his or her art pen pal so we can get this party started! (Btw, any 12-14 year olds out there who want an art pen pal? I have a couple I need to match up…)

Exploring Typepad widgets when I should have been sleeping. Things like "follow me on Twitter" which I haven't added yet but someone said I should. I'm not even really sure what Twitter is! Similar to Facebook?

And starting to add a blogroll. Let me know, either through a comment or an e-mail, if you know of a blog or two you think I should consider adding. Feel free to tell me about your own!

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    Hi Jean,
    Ooh, lucky you already reading Barbara Kingsolver’s new book – it’s on my xmas wish list :-) Thanks so much for including me on your blog roll – I’m honoured. BUT don’t forget to get some sleep (terrible advice really – I promised myself I’d nap this afternoon whilst my youngest sleeps, but have I napped? NOPE.) Oh well :-)

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    Oh, I’m looking forward to reading Barbara Kingsolver’s new book – it’s on my wish list for sure. I read all of her novels shortly after her last one came out. It’s been quite a dry spell.
    I’m inspired by your blog, and I do try to post art projects that I do with my daughter along with the other things I write about. I don’t know if my blog would fit what you’re looking for with your blog roll or not.

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    I have a blog about working with kids in the context of nannying – some art projects, reviews, stuff like that. Not half as awesome as yours – but I’m working on it!

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    Dear Jean,
    I’m a fan of your blog for a long time and added you in my blogroll! Perhaps you like to have a look to my blog. It’s about family life, being creative, food, nature, books and much more (http://micha-morethanwords.blogspot.com). Okay, its mainly in German, but I’ll try to make my english parts longer ;-).

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    Hi Jean!
    You are inspiring me everyday!!!! I have an 11 y.o. niece who is a very promising little artist. That’s all she loves to do. She is not quite 12-14 but very mature and would match up nicely with that age group. I spoke with her and she would LOVE to be an Art Pen Pal. Let me know if you still need her.

  6. Mary says

    If there is still room we would love to join the art pen pal! Such a brilliant idea! Thank you for your inspiration.

  7. says

    Jean, you are amazing! To take care of two little ones and one big one :) and at the same time to have strength to do so many things, especially the art pen pal project, which, I am sure, needs much attention of yours but brings so much joy to people, is something for which one should have a very strong will! But on the other hand, judging by my own experience of a mother, these “bits” of things we are doing in addition to looking after the kids and the house bring joy and content to us which we carry to our family. I remember when our daughter was very little (about 3 mo old), a friend of mine and I started our blog in 2 languages (the “Parents’ Ideas”) on how to make life with kids easier. At the same time I also made toys for our daughter considering handmade things more saturated with love than the bought ones, we started the fairy-tales book project collecting nice fairy-tales written by our friends, illustrating them and then publishing a book and helped with the translation of a couple of books. But sometimes you really get tired and think who needs all this? May be it is more important to concentrate on yourself and the family? To have more sleep? All these things are in vain… But when you meet someone who is even more dynamic and more creative (I mean you :) ) and it inspires you greatly and make you see that all the thoughts about the uselessness of your activities have no ground and come from nowhere :)
    In one of your previous posts you asked who runs art-groups. Last Sunday we had our second meeting and it was really much fun for both children and adults. If you are interested in what we were all doing, check this article
    By the way, our blog is devoted to arts with and for kids (starting from the very little ones), cooking tasty things for the members of the family and some handy things in life – everything is based on our own experience. If you feel like adding the link to your blogroll, we will be very happy! :)
    One more thing is that it was such joy to get the address of the art pen pal for our daughter! I felt like I myself was a little kid – so happy I was :) Thank you again for initiating this project!