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I have some exciting news:

I have been chosen as one of five blogs and online news sites in Western
North Carolina to participate with the Asheville
in a project called WNC LINC.

Five print newspapers across the country have been chosen by American
University’s Institute for Interactive Journalism
to take part in a
grant-funded, year-long pilot project to explore how online sites and
traditional print media can learn from and help each other. And each print
paper has partnered with five local blogs and online news sites for the year.
Apparently the Citizen-Times looked
at over 250 local sites before selecting the ones they wanted to partner with
for WNC LINC. I'm flattered to be chosen out of so many other good sites in the

I'm also excited about this project and look forward to being involved in something
bigger like this. Something that may serve as a test for future collaborations
between online and print media and may also possibly influence the trajectory
of journalism (lofty thinking!).

So what does my involvement entail, you ask?

As this is a pilot project, we are still working this out. However for now
it means regular communication with the other partners as we figure out ways we
can learn from each other and help each other reach our respective goals. We
will also be linking to each other using a special sidebar widget with tabs for
each participating site (which is still being finalized but should be available
for my blog soon).

Note: The other participating sites are mostly news sites, including the
Southern Highland Reader and AskAsheville, so if you are in Western North
Carolina you can keep up with the local news from my site (or, more specifically, from the widget links), and if you are from
another part of the world, well you can ignore it or you can experience our
beautiful area vicariously!

I will continue to post about exactly what I love posting about – children’s
art and creativity. I'll post what I want, when I want, as always. But over the
course of the year, I will learn from the other partners and from the newspaper
about ways to navigate this new world of online journalism. And while I've
never considered myself a journalist, I hopefully have something to learn from
the others, and, likewise, they from me. I am excited about this project and
look forward to seeing what I have to offer to the conversation.

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  1. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Congratulations! It’s very well deserved, not just for the content of your blog but also for the consistency of your postings. (So many blogs start out well and slowly–or quickly!–fade away.)

  2. says

    Definitely sounds like an interesting opportunity. Will you be linking up with the blogs from the other parts of the country? – i just wonder if you might find other blogs which are more similar to yours than news blogs (although I’m sure there’s plenty to be learnt and shared with from them too).

  3. says

    Zoe, I probably won’t be linking up to the other blogs and news sites in the other parts of the country, except maybe as a one time thing in a post and then probably just out of general curiousity. As far as I know, mine is the only parenting/art blog involved.