Stained glass stars

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A few stained glass stars for our window, using this method, but with star-shaped construction paper frames.

I don't have much to say today. I'm feeling crazy out of balance and crying at every little thing. I need to catch up on life and housework and baby holding, perhaps, try for a little peace and calm.

Hope you have a peaceful day.

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  1. Light says

    I really enjoy, your thoughtful and informative blog – inspired to no end!!! Here is a home management bloggy-website thing that takes a little more crazy out of my days. Helps you get organized without cramming it all in on random days. Join and just keep an eye on the “flight plan” in the daily e-mails sent out. Sounds cheesy, but works.

  2. Adelle F. says

    awww, feel better! and thanks for a small daily dose of art even when you aren’t feeling up to it.

  3. says

    i had a day like this last week. i needed some calm, too. staying in my house and canceling activities for a day really helped. hope you have a restful day.

  4. Brittany says

    Go and enjoy your family. You are always busy! It is nice to slow down once in awhile. And tell those hormones of yours to leave you alone :)
    You’re not alone

  5. says

    I just recently had a baby too and it really does a number on your emotions. Give yourself credit for all of the great things you are doing for your girls and try and make time for yourself.

  6. says

    You always are doing such lovely projects.
    My sons and I will have to make some stars for our Christmas tree.
    Hope that you will take some time for yourself.
    I always like a cup of herbal tea, a piece of good chocolate, and a small scone when I am feeling stressed / overwhelmed.
    If you lived nearby, I’d make you some:)
    Happy holidays.
    Hope that peace and joy are plentiful for you and yours during this holiday season.

  7. char says

    I am not happy that you’re having one of “those” days, but I must say I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one who has them! I feel better when I think of the oceans of days that have largely gone forgotten. May this be one of them! Let it be, let it go…
    BTW, tonight my son and I tried a project we saw here on your blog (the mono-prints with tempera paint on acrylic frames, “painted” with Q-tips and little hands). We both loved it… he cried for more when we finally surrendered to bed time.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas. You have brought so much joy to my family! May you feel as blessed or more! –Love, Char

  8. Jill says

    I hope that you have had a restful day to help restore some of your reserves. Holding you in my good thoughts -
    with gratitude for all of the inspiration you provide to all of us and the honest too.

  9. says

    I remember feeling that way a lot when my babies were small. And this time of year always makes me extra teary. Love your blog, and hugs from VA.

  10. Mags says

    Its hard to stay on top things with a new baby and another one just a few years older. Get back to the basic things, focus on calm and a SLOW pace and remember to breathe. Thanks for all your hard work on this website. Take care.

  11. says

    Hi Jean- I’m feeling exactly the same way this week. A little more sleep last night helped a lot… but I could use about a month straight of that. ; ) Hugs to you!

  12. says

    We just used this craft idea at my AWANA group. We drew “Bethlehem” stars and used the golds and yellows from the broken crayon box. Now they will be added to the trees our group is sponsoring in our little downtown area.