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I can't wait to try this! It's a colored ice experiment using salt, food coloring, and ice at 5 Orange Potatoes (found via One Pretty Thing).

Beaded pinch pots

I'd love to make some pinch pots with Maia soon. And these beaded ones, at Laugh, Paint, Create, look like extra fun!


Check out these lace prints at Color, Color, Color. I bet Maia would love these, especially since it involves using a spray bottle for the paint!


And, this isn't art but just a fun and clever idea — a treasure hunt for pre-readers at Little Family Fun.

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    Wow, thanks Jean! I just love your site and all that you create and share. I am thrilled to have you link to me. Have a great weekend!

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    I can’t get the link to the ice experiment to work, but I did find another cool one along those lines when I googled, except it involved freezing water in a milk carton, then peeling away the carton leaving a large ice “brick”…sprinkling it with salt and watching it melt, using droppers to add color which drips and oozes in the crevices. Dying to try it. Today, I helped out at a bday party where I brought in big bowls of snow (there’s plenty of it to go around here still, although it’s finally melting), and they used the droppers to add liquid watercolors to it. They LOVED it!!! (even Ben [10] and James [7] loved it when they pilot tested it for me last night).