Kid-friendly Valentine’s ideas around the web

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I think this heart art at FamilyFun would be great fun for a preschooler to make! Also their beaded valentine hearts.


Here's a cool paper pulp heart by Art Projects for Kids, found via Maya*Made and her lovely Valentine's Day Round-Up. I also love Maya's newspaper heart bunting!


We made heart crayons like these at The Long Thread three years ago for the art group. They are fun and it's easy for a small child to help make them by peeling and breaking the crayons and putting them in the muffin tin.

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    I love the crayons! We made them a few years ago and I had a problem with some of the crayons not leaving a good mark, I wonder if it was just too many different kinds of crayons? We have some very broken Lyra crayons that I may try this with, these would make great Valentine’s Day treats for my son’s MDO!

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    We made crayons with some of our friends a few months ago, but only a couple of the girls (we’re a group with mostly little boys) were interested in using my heart muffin tins. What a great idea to make heart-shaped crayons as gifts for Valentine’s Day, though! I’ll have to remember that next year, when I’m not nine months pregnant. =)

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    Hmm. Not sure why they didn’t leave a good mark. Ours work well. Although I have to say that using washable crayons is not such a good idea because a layer of clear wax (or something!) rises to the top. I’m sure the Lyra crayons would work great.

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    I completely rely on your posts for my art class…you are so creative and inspiring! This year I think I’m going to have my own children create Valentine’s using sandpaper and crayons. I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but if they draw on sandpaper and then you iron it onto regular paper it makes a “dotted” print of their drawing. It’s beautiful and completely creative on their part. Thank you for all of your ideas…you are truly an inspiration!