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Collage Materials and Supplies for Kids ArtWe have a new collage materials organizer!

The container is from the lovely Goodwill near us and is heaps better than the old (similarly sectioned) container we were keeping our collage materials in. This one is very sturdy, made by Tupperwear, and is a full 14 inches across and almost 3 inches deep in the center. It is well able to carefully corral each of our various collage materials until ready for use.

Our list of Collage Materials and Supplies

Pictured here, and ready for art:

Feathers, an assortment of dried beans, googly eyes, various buttons, cotton balls, colored tissue paper, and, in the center, ribbons.

We also regularly use colored masking tape, washi tape, fabric scraps, stickers, and more.

What are your favorite collage materials and supplies?

Some collage art ideas to make use of all the lovely collage materials:

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  1. says

    I like ripping corrugated cardboard and dissecting the layers to expose the wavy texture inside. I also like using construction paper that was scribbled on but not completed and old paintings the kids have since forgotten. I’ve started saving foil-like packing from foods we get (like Teddy grahams comes in a foil bag and the pull off foil from applesauce and frosting) to use for robot collages.

  2. V says

    We like glitter and differently shaped/colored pastas. My four-year old is extremely interested in masking tape and craft sticks right now as well. He creates these ellaborate 3-D constructions that are beautiful. In the 3-D collage universe, my kids also really love to use pipe cleaners.

  3. says

    I love to collage with old magazines, personally, and bits from different kinds of paper. I save pieces of pretty gift wrap or cards. Oh, and I LOVE postcards.

  4. Mel says

    If you ever have time, I have a request for a future post.=) I am wondering if you have suggestions for how to let older kids have access to art supplies while there are smaller siblings around. I have a 4 year old who LOVES to create, but I feel very limited on what I can “leave out” for her to experiment with on her own because of her little sister. My 4-year old would love to have access at all times to scissors, crayons, markers, glue and paint, but I feel like everything needs to be put away for the safety of her sister and our walls and furniture.=) It may be a while before your littlest is really mobile, but do you happen to have any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. says

    We just started doing collages and using glue and glitter with my 2 1/2 year old. We just used a bunch of pussy willows that fell off the branch for our last one! My son loved feeling them as he stuck them on! Thanks for giving me more ideas.

  6. says

    What a good find! :) Some of our fave collage things at the moment are puzzle pieces (from incomplete puzzles, of course!), lids, cut-up straws, foam stickers, blank labels, feather, and wood pieces/scraps. Happy collaging!

  7. says

    what a great idea! :]
    you can also use the little circles from the hole puncher and seeds of any kind- you can do various seasonal activities with them.

  8. says

    Put that thing on a lazy susan and I’m all overit ! I’d also have to add craft sticks and masking tape which my son adores to use. I recently created an “invention box.” It’s a great exercise in imagining for kids and adults alike. As a bonus, it’s also a great way to clean out the junk drawer!

  9. amy says

    Looks like a good idea. We use pre-punched papers and glitter and stickers. I like the button idea because I have way too many of them and I am never going to do anything with them!

  10. says

    We love to sing Susan Striker’s (Young at Art)”stick, stick, stick to my glue, stick to my glue my paper”… to the tune of “Skip to my Lou” when collaging:)

  11. Heather@WoolandFlax says

    Very inspiring! It makes me want to do a collage. :)
    My boys love to use scissors, so we often use old magazine pictures or paper they’ve cut into shapes.

  12. Rachel says

    i sent the boys around our neighbor’s yard the other day with baskets in hand to collect whatever “treasures” they could find. they returned with sticks, leaves, etc. they then collaged with them. it was fun to talk about natural elements in their “winter” state.
    we also love to collage with popsicle sticks and lids to milk/oj jugs.
    fun post and comments!

  13. Amanda says

    We have a similar container we keep our collage in but I love that yours was “treasure” found in an op shop. Some of the interesting collage items we like store in it are….
    bubble wrap
    cut up old art/paintings
    aluminium foil
    paper towel that’s had eye dropper painting done to it – it’s cut up into various shapes
    felt. Very colourful!

  14. says

    I’d like to see that post as well. My two have the same age gap as Mels. It all goes well if I’m hands on, but I can’t just let them go at it. Except with collages actually. Oh, and big bits of paper with crayons – I just have to make a space that can get dirty and be nearby. More thoughts would be good.

  15. says

    We love trying lots of different things but the perennial favourite is bits of coloured paper that my 4 yr-old can cut up first and then stick on. Oh, and little shop-bought pom-poms always rock the joint too.

  16. says

    Oh, what a good idea for dip platter! If I’m not careful, my kids will glue down anything that doesn’t move and some that do. Narrowing down their options in this way might be good!
    Bits of wrapping paper and gift cards, things cut out of magazines and catalogs are favs around here I didn’t see mentioned above.

  17. says

    What a great list…I was going to add bubble wrap, but it finally came up at the end…anything collected from nature, colored pasta, crinkled tissue paper strands (see D.S.S. — the kids LOVE it, similar to easter basket grass but multi-colored).

  18. says

    Yes I keep a shallow but big storage box for all the scrap paper. My favorite collage material was when I was an art teacher I’d get the little rectangular confetti scraps from the machine that would bind books (sort of like a spiral book but it was a plastic thing that slipped on). They were the best for snow collages because about 90% were white and the little colored flecks popped. Doubt I described that well but I would love to have a source for that confetti now!

  19. says

    So many wonderful ideas! Thank you! I can’t wait to assemble another selection of collage materials! Cut up straws, various papers, bubble wrap, milk jug lids, bubble wrap, sequins, etc, etc, etc!

  20. says

    I’m sorry to say I am too stingy (frugal?) to put out beautiful buttons and googly eyes in piles like that, especially with four kids! :) I love to use natural materials like rose petals from the garden, grass, dried leaves, seeds etc. when they’re in season and not covered in snow.
    For indoor things, we use cut up craft ribbon or curling ribbon, magazine confetti, dried split peas, cut up craft fabric (ruined clothes go under the sink for crafts), colorful home-dyed rice and things like that.

  21. Elaine says

    re siblings: I put my older kid in an old-fashioned playpen when she wants to build with Lego or jigsaws. The younger kid then desperately wants to play in the playpen too [this can be useful]. you could try this with collage?