Sisters in action: one day

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  1. says

    Hi Jean,
    I’m Caroline and I also have two girls, aged 4 and 3 months. It’s good to see such lovely photographs. I really wish that I’d bought a sling… Daphne looks so peaceful!

  2. amy says

    Wow. so cute! Watching the relationship grow is magical sometimes. Mine are now 5 and 3. It goes by so quickly- it’s fun to have records like these that capture the joy, the love, the sisterhood, and the MOVEMENT!!! thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    I had a little look and ordered a sling; it will be great for walking in forests at weekends, or when I walk to collect Rebecca from nursery. Carting a carseat around is already torture! I’d forgotten how heavy they are! :)

  4. John says

    Jean – a wonderful glimpse of artful double-daughter parenting. Hope all is well. Renee and I are aiming for a western NC trip this summer. John

  5. Kandyce says

    My sister and I are 4 years apart. I am the oldest. I remember dancing for her so vividly :) These are precious photos.

  6. Maggie says

    I loved these pics. I have a 3 yo and an almost 9 mo old boys and this reminds me of our days. So amazing and beautiful to watch them grow up together.