Stained glass for Valentine’s Day

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I love suncatchers and stained 'glass'! Art to capture light. We've made so many different kinds now, many of which are on my artsy ideas list. They even have their own category! It seems like we make a new slew of suncatchers for most holidays and often in between. Last Valentine's day we made these hanging stained glass hearts (which I'll probably hang up again).

And yesterday Maia and I made these suncatchers with con-tact paper and red, pink, and white tissue paper. So simple. The plain jane version is above. I think it would also be fun to outline the hearts with sharpies, like on this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass.


Maia also made a glitzy version with pink lace and generous amounts of glitter.


I framed both with masking tape, although I wish I had some fun colors like red or lime green.


And here's one more that I made with the leftover tissue paper hearts glued onto a sheet of white tissue paper. Maia had moved on by this point, but this would be easy for a kid to do.


I made a frame for it out of red construction paper, but it just looks black in this photo. Looks beautiful in the window, though, with the light shining through!

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  1. says

    Beautiful! Oh, the kids would love to do this…and so simple! I know we have some tissue paper lying around somewhere. Thanks for the great ideas (once again!)

  2. natasha says

    hey there,
    i just wanted to toss a suggestion at you, coming from my little brain. i’m a glass artist, have done work with stained glass for 13 years, mostly with mosaic. because you clearly love stained glass, it made me think- have you considered doing actual stained glass w/ maia? my son, almost 4 years old, has been fascinate it with all his life. since he was 2.5 i’ve let him help with projects. never heavy duty, and we don’t mess around with lead/ acids/ or metals in our home. he just helps arrange glass pieces on the glued surface. he has always been cautious in how he holds each piece, too, understanding the sharpness.

  3. says

    Hmm. Hadn’t thought of using real glass. And actually, I wouldn’t know how to go about it. Are you saying you make a broken glass mosaic on top of a glued glass surface? What kind of glue? And where do you get the glass? I guess I’ll have to look into this! Thanks for the idea!

  4. natasha says

    I bet, in an artsy town like Asheville there is at least one glass shop. Stained glass scraps is what I use. Glass comes in sheets, all different sizes. I’ve seen scraps being sold on Ebay very cheaply. As a surface, we’ve used outdoor stepping stone pavers, because that was what I’d had orders for. You can use any variety of things as a surface- glass table tops, picture frames and do the mosaic directly on top of the glass, and then the finished product is framed. Elmer’s glue is fine, as long as its not exposed to harsh elements. After you glue your pieces down, and it dries, then you grout w/ sanded tile grout. It takes about 24 hours for the grout to dry. Clean it off, and the finished product is amazing!