Easter Egg Suncatchers :: An Easy Easter Craft for Kids

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Easter Egg Suncatchers - a beautiful Easter craft for kids

I’ve been invited to write a monthly arts and crafts column for WNC Parent, our local parenting magazine.

In my first article, I share how to make these simple, yet beautiful  Easter egg suncatchers to decorate your windows.

All you need are a few simple materials:

And the how-to is easy!

1. Tape a piece of contact paper on your table, and peel off the backing so that the sticky side is up.

2. Draw an egg shape on the contact paper, aiming to fill most of the space.

3. Press pieces of ribbon or lace inside the egg shape (perhaps to make stripes).

4. Tear or cut the colored tissue paper into small pieces then press to the sticky contact paper to fill the rest of the egg shape. Crumple first, if desired.

5. Peel the backing off of a second sheet of contact paper and place over the first, to create a sandwich with the tissue paper etc on the inside.

6. (Optional) Cut out the egg and/or add a border around the edges of the suncatcher with masking tape or washi tape.

7. Hang in a sunny window!


My first article just came out recently in the March issue and includes instructions for easy tissue paper Easter egg suncatchers as well as Sharon Lovejoy’s recipe for No-Bake Nest cookies (yummy!) from Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars.


If you’re in the Asheville area and pick up a hard copy, my column is on pages 22 to 23.

The magazine is also available online as a pdf here. You’ll have to browse over to page 25 to get to my spread as the numbering seems to start with the front cover. You’ll probably also need to click on the page itself if you want to be able see it large enough to read the text.

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  1. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Just read it online. Congratulations, Jean!! I love all the other suggestions you included.

  2. says

    congrats, jean! sienna was flipping through this paper yesterday and said *hey! that looks just like maia!*. ;)

  3. Amanda says

    The suncatchers look beautiful – very creative. Congratulations Jean! I’m sure your newpaper write up will always be an interesting and inspiring read. What an opportunity.