Some felt animals

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Thank you for your patience and kind words. I'm still having a hard time getting any sort of time on the computer (or extra time, period), but I have some now so I'm going with it.

I finally made some animals for Maia's felt board, per her request. I used templates I found online a while back. I'd give you the link but I can't even find it anymore. Sorry. I'll tell you how I made them though.


I thought it would be easiest to draw the animal features on, so first I ironed on some Wonder-Under to the felt since you can write easily on fusible web but not directly on felt. After ironing on the Wonder-Under, I pulled off the paper backing and used the templates I printed out to cut out the animal shapes.


I used sharpies to draw on all the details.


Here's the finished zebra.


And here are all fifteen of the animals, as arranged by Maia. I realize that this is rather an odd mix. Only two farm animals. I guess I need to add a few — maybe a horse, sheep, and chicken, to start. And perhaps have separate sets of animals.

Tomorrow Maia and I are planning to create some trees, a water hole, and grass so her animals have some sort of habitat to live in.

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  1. says

    I also found that you can actually just use the wonder under to make great felt board pieces. After I use permanent markers on the shapes, I spray it with hairspray so the marker doesn’t come off.

  2. Katie P says

    Those are really cute.
    I was wondering how you get felt to stick to felt? I tried to make a felt board for my daughter and the felt (not wool felt) won’t stick to the felt board (also not wool felt) if we hang it on the wall.

  3. says

    Felt should just stick to felt (because of the nap). It shouldn’t matter whether it’s wool or nylon. I use both. Our felt board is covered with wool and I often use nylon felt for the pieces. Some people use flannel as well because of the nap. Not sure why your felt pieces aren’t sticking! You’re sticking the felt side of the felt piece (assuming there might be another material involved) against the felt of the felt board, right?

  4. says

    very cute! we love our felt board too. the kiddos love to have felt pieces that go along with familiar stories too (chicka chicka boom boom, very hungry caterpillar, spilt milk, etc)
    also, i’ve found that a great place to find basic shapes and symbols, animals, etc is to use dingbat fonts!
    try and there are oodles of great non-alpha/numeral fonts.