A bean pole teepee and some garden planning

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We have the beginnings of our bean pole teepee! The poles are in the ground and the sod has been dug up around the perimeter. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll add the twine, amend our soil (it’s clay), and plant the beans. Also, I think we’ll plant flowers around the perimeter this time, even if just marigolds. This teepee is larger than the beanpole teepee we built last time, which is good because Maia is larger.

She’ll need more space in her hideaway!


The bean pole teepee is one of the many ideas that I drew on my garden plan the other day. Maia joined me as I was sketching and was inspired to draw her own garden plan (below).


The different beds have seeds, seedlings, pumpkins, and weeds.


And here’s another drawing she did of three birds under the double birdfeeder in our garden. I am just in love with Maia’s drawings these days!

What are your kids drawing?

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  1. Amy in Durham says

    Amazing drawings! S really goes through phases and she is in a non-drawing phase right now, which is sort of sad, but if I “encourage” she sees through me and I think it seems less appealing. But a while ago she did draw a map of the house that I totally cherish.

  2. Amy in Durham says

    Oh, and we just planted our teepee (from seed) this weekend (shamefully late for our area, I think) and I hope it sets some beans before the weather gets too hot. I planted Blue Lake pole beans and some cucumbers too. I have the same idea you did last year, to plant moonflower & morning glory on the same teepee. I think there’s plenty of room. I will nick & soak my seeds tonight! How did it work last year? Do you have pics?
    I plan to also plant beans again in early August for fall harvest.

  3. Marlyn says

    Love her drawings! I like how your teepee is so wide. Ours are very straight up. The first year I used them I had ideas of them being hideaways for the little ones but we have so little sunny space — the teepees ended up blocked in by anything that would grow — urban gardening! Which is weird because despite the fact that we live in LA County, we are far more rural than urban – but we are also so shaded by the grand oaks. Oh well, I’m rambling! I’ll send you a message with an attachment of the latest drawings from my just 5- and almost 4-!
    I’m enjoying your “space”!

  4. says

    I think her garden design is so cool – I love that she even planned for weeds, very sensible! I love the art of children when they are very young. We have boxes and boxes of our kids artwork spanning the years, and folders with a selection showing the development – it is quite amazing to look back and see what they have done.

  5. [email protected] says

    what kind of paints is Maya using and where did you get them? Also- where do you get watercolor paper for kids? And finally…do you ever use clay with Maya and co– I want to make coil pots they can drink out of and looking for some good, hard, non-toxic clay.
    Thank you! I looooove your blog!

  6. says

    Awesome that she drew weeds in the garden! We are going to do a bean tent this year too — after reading a book recommended by our librarian prior to the arrival of our baby (Vera’s Baby Sister by Vera Rosenberry). The drawing around here has been sporadic, we’ve been doing more play dough and paper cutting lately, which always seems to lead to a terrible mess…

  7. says

    Um, the watercolors are angora watercolors, made in germany, bought several years ago. I often use either Canson’s Biggie Jr Watercolor paper or, more lately, the watercolor paper available on Discount School Supply. We’ve just started with clay. I want to try coil pots, too!

  8. says

    What are coil pots? I love your blog,it has defentley given me ideas for my family child care program. This posting came perfectly I am trying to revamp my backyard for my family and daycare kiddos, digging up a new garden since we are moving in a chicken coop, trying toget rid of some plastic toys and I would like to hang up a clothes line. Would like to enjoy some simplicty this summer back there!

  9. says

    Ha, I love that she’s drawing weeds. Our veggie garden is FULL of them! I just can’t keep up with them. Must mulch more!
    We just started preparing the ground for our sunflower house today. Going to plant it on Friday with playgroup!

  10. says

    I love the teepee! I love how she can relate and draw everything she is seeing and doing.
    I think a teepee will be great in our yard in the next couple of years. I look forward to watching yours grow!

  11. says

    That teepee looks like so much fun…can’t wait to watch it grow!
    Four is such a fun age, isn’t it?! I remember Ava’s art just exploded during this time…
    and on a personal note, because I know you would appreciate this, one of Ava’s drawings (she’s five now) was selected to be displayed in a local museum. I blogged about it here:
    Just love stopping by here at the end of my days, thanks so much.

  12. says

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