A purple monster costume

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I’ve enjoyed participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge this past week, mostly because it’s motivated me to start sewing again. I didn’t quite meet the requirement of an hour a day. Some days I sewed more than the hour minimum, but there were a couple days when I didn’t sew at all. I guess it evens out. I did get a lot done:

Sadly nothing for Daphne. Perhaps I’ll sew her something this week, although she really doesn’t need anything clothes-wise right now.

I’ve especially enjoyed involving Maia in the process of making her clothes. Printing the leaves on fabric was a wonderful experience for both of us and one that I’d like to repeat. Having Maia draw pictures on the pinafore pockets was fun for Maia and resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind pinafore. She also used the fabric scraps for collaging, drew and cut out a pocket that she said she was going to sew to one of my (?) skirts, and tried a little hand sewing.

What’s the next step? Letting Maia design her own clothes? Pamela of In My Shoes did. (Thanks, Meg, for pointing this out to me!) You can see her child’s sketches and the finished outfits here and here. They are brilliant!


When I asked Maia if there was anything in particular she wanted me to sew for her (inspired by Pamela, of course) and if she wanted to draw it for me so I would know how to sew it, I wasn’t expecting a purple monster costume. A dress perhaps. Not a monster. But she very enthusiastically described it in full detail, from the scary mask and the purple fur down to the claws on the hands and feet.

Oh dear. What did I get myself in for?!

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  1. Maria says

    Hehe, we made an Earth Girl! costume last week, and it came out great – the specifications were nothing like I’d envisioned, but *someone* around here had a very clear picture of what it should be! I managed to get through it with no actual sewing, but it was a success anyway.
    (And yes, Earth Girl! is always pronounced with the exclamation point!)

  2. says

    Awesome monster patch! Maybe I can do something like that in addition to the costume. I did tell her I would see what they had at the fabric store along the lines of monster costume fabric and purple fur. We’ll see…

  3. Dawn says

    This is the first thing that has truly made me want to learn how to sew!!! I have been perfectly happy with knitting until now… but knitting takes SO long.

  4. says

    Oh why is it that when you ask for thier ideas that they throw something like that on you? My daughter (3) always has great ideas for what I should make her and she has a clear vision of how it should look so I have to be sure to get it right. It is worth it to give it a try, they get so excited to see that their idea can become reality and sometimes it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you first think to impress them.

  5. Kai says

    A purple monster, fancy that! I love her out-of-the-box thinking.
    The imaginative powers of children are simply amazing.
    I hope all goes well with the costume. Good luck!

  6. says

    awesome! for halloween two years ago, leif requested a “purple bull w/ a green belly & yellow and orange spots”. a purple sweatsuit, some felt patches, and a tie-on “hat” w/ horns did the trick. hilarious…i’ll have to try to find a picture! can’t wait to see how the monster turns out…

  7. says

    Oh what fun!! I look forward to seeing the photos. Once it is made you will get heaps of use out of it. I have made lots of costumes designed by my kids before and I cannot sew, I do not even have a sewing machine. You could just make a purple cape out of felt with her lovely scalloped edges, and then a purple t-shirt and a mask made out of a paper plate! Good luck:-)

  8. says

    oh no! well, good luck. maybe next time you could give her a paper doll to make clothes for, but then again she might just make a monster costume for the doll. Kids are weird and awesome.