Baby love and an interview (me)

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Some photos of sweet Daphne, now 9 months old, just because she's so darn cute!

And, the real reason I'm posting today — Rachel at Euphoria just interviewed me, asking questions about how "alternative" I am and what motivates me to go green. Click here to read the interview!




P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!

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  1. says

    what a cutie…those curls are just the cutest!!! you can tell by that first expression she’s got some ideas about some things…uh-huh!! in profile, she looks a lot like maia. ;-)

  2. says

    Jean, I love your comments about why you blog — I could have written them!
    Daphne is truly adorable! My older girl had crazy curls as a baby — she still has the curls bur her hair is so long now the aren’t the same– we are going Tuesday for a cut and I think we are going short again!

  3. Sakura says

    Omg- I never comment on blogs because I am a silent lurker but I had to here. She is just so darn cute!

  4. tasha says

    Your family is gorgeous! What a beautiful little girl she is turning into! I adore your blog, and everything you do here. I am also a SAHM, and I totally understand the effort it takes to upkeep something like this. You do an amazing job, and my family has benefitted so much from your blog. Art is an integral part of life for us, and you’ve really helped with ideas in making it toddler-friendly. Thank you so very much!!!

  5. Marian says

    Very, very cute little baby! I might put some pants on though or maybe a little scarf…crazy ppl on the internet and all.

  6. Lee-Lynn says

    Your Daphne is too cute not to comment – she is absolutely DARLING! I’m ALWAYS a lurker, no matter how much I like your posts but this one just could not go by without comment. She’s beautiful!