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Paint Over Yarn Art Project

Here's another fun yarn project from MaryAnn's Art with Anything. This one involved glue-soaked yarn lengths and we did it last week over a couple of days.

Paint Yarn Art Project

First we cut our yarn into shorter pieces. Then we dipped the yarn pieces into a bowl of glue and arranged them on a piece of mat board ( tagboard, card stock, poster board, or cardboard would work as well).

We left them to dry overnight.

Paint Yarn Art Project

The glue-soaked yarn dried hard to create a really neat textural base for our painting. It w

as fun to paint over and between the yarn lines with our tempera paints.

Paint Yarn Art Project

Here Maia is painting with two paint brushes at once to mix the colors.

She is crazy-long-bangs girl at the moment. She insists she wants to grow them out, but we're having trouble keeping them out of her eyes. They won't stay in any of our barrettes

and if I french braid her hair, the bangs don't stay in the french braid. Argh!

Paint Yarn Art Project

Here Maia has moved on to painting with her hands. (And then taking her paint-covered hands over to the easel to make hand prints.) I'm wondering when she will have outgrown this desire to paint with her hands. Not that I'm in a hurry for it to happen, just curious… Do your kids like to paint with their hands?

Paint Yarn Art Project

We both loved this yarn project! I highly recommend it!

Paint Yarn Art Project

For another yarn art idea, see Painting with Yarn and Liquid Watercolors.

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  1. says

    my youngest doesn’t like to paint with her hands hardly at all, but since i typed that she will be all over it now (you know how that goes right? )
    LOVE the yarn paintings we are so doing that!!!

  2. says

    When I saw the first photo, I thought you had painted with liquid watercolors on personally sewn/quilted white fabric (like an old bed sheet or pillow case). We should try that! The stitching would soak up color differently than the flat fabric. I think it would be really interesting and unusual.
    ~ MaryAnn
    PS Maia’s bangs: Twist them in the middle, pull them back to the top of her head, and clip in place. A lot of the teenage girls do that, so you can tell her you know of some babysitter type girls with their hair clipped back. She’ll love it! The teen girls use those triangular snap and clips hair clips.

  3. says

    maia looks so stylie with the long-bangs… kinda like feist! though i do understand the hair-in-the-face issues. the twist back or french braid back into criss-crossed bobby pins is something she might like. see mtv’s “the hills” or “the city” for examples. hee hee. ;) seriously though, it’s a cute look.
    novi has never been naturally into painting with her hands. even the first time tried playing with fingerpaint when she was about 1y8m, she had a tactile issue with it. she cried and chanted “it’s fun to be messy with paint” like a mantra through the tears while trying to fingerpaint. i told her she didn’t have to, but she stuck with it. now she does it and enjoys it in small doses, but likes to clean up promptly, and she now giggles about her old “it’s fun to be messy with paint” mantra.

  4. says

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I immediately ordered it after your post yesterday. I cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail!

  5. Jeannette says

    This looks like a great project, and it is two projects in one! Love you blog and all the ideas you put forth. Thanks!

  6. Amanda says

    I love your vivid paint colors–where did you find such bright beautiful tempra colors? My 4, almost 5 year old son still starts witha brush but ends up using his hands when painting. This was a really cool project. We tried something similar with our “recycle art project”. We gathered small throw away items around the house–buttons, money, broken pieces of toys, cardboard boxes, bottle caps, etc and glued them onto 5×7 canvas purchased from the dollar store and then painted them. Like yours–the texture makes great artwork and the canvas makes it look like grown up artwork.

  7. says

    I’ve tried french braiding her hair and including her bangs, which didn’t work, but I haven’t tried just french braiding her bangs. I could give that a try. I really like the twist them back idea though. I’ll try that tomorrow!

  8. Christina says

    Bangs: When my daughter grew hers out, we would double rubber-band them. How to explain this? Part on the side or middle, separate a clump of the bangs and rubber band them (like a pigtail close to the head), then separate another clump, this time including the ends of the bangs, and a chunk of regular length hair. It pulled them back nicely.
    We just did your hot pan/hot paper/crayons project today. The kids really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  9. says

    The melting crayon project was so much fun! I think next we will be doing the yarn one. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  10. Maria says

    We frequently do a little ponytail (or braid) sort of at the temple to keep the front pieces of hair from getting in the face. In Maia’s case it might need to be a little farther up on the head than temple-level to catch the bangs.
    You can combine this with other hairdos in the back to make it more fun and interesting. I think this is a version of what Christina suggested…

  11. says

    You can do this with pasta – the starch helps them stick to the paper, though you do have to wait for it to dry before painting. You can then peel the pasta off afterwards.

  12. Erin L. says

    My 4yo loves to paint not only WITH her hands but ON her hands! We just got some glitter paint that she wanted all over her arms and did not want to wash off all day.

  13. Nancy says

    I love the string painting idea. You could also try gluing assorted textured things like lace, string, textured cardboard, etc. to a piece of matt board and then glue tissue paper on top, smooshing it into the crevices. It’s easier if you cut the tissue paper into squares first. Let it dry and then paint to your hearts content.
    Some kids never like painting with their hands, especially those with sensory issues. My kids always liked it though.
    Years ago when I was growing out my bangs, I used a hairband to keep my hair off of my face. Either the horseshoe shaped ones or the circular elastic come in some great styles these days.

  14. Laura says

    My 5yo and I did this project this week. She was quite enthralled with peeling the dried glue that stuck to her fingers – gave her something to do while the yarn dried. We painted the next day and as she was setting her artwork to dry, she eagerly asked, “Can we do another one?” Of course! The next day, my 18mo was awake and joined in on the painting. It’s so refreshing to see the creative process of children and to share in the joy of their creating. I enjoyed trying something that I wouldn’t have thought to do. Thanks for sharing your idea!