Meet Cassi of The Crafty Crow


Cassi is the mama, artist, and crafter behind the ever-popular kids craft blog, The Crafty Crow. Here she shares her wealth of experience with us, including tips and materials for crafting with kids. ***Note: Readers will have a chance to win a wonderful little needle felted bunny, handcrafted by Cassi, at the end of this…

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Hole in Paper Art for Kids

Painting Around the Hole

After my post on painting tiny, MaryAnn Kohl suggested (on facebook) the idea of offering paper with a hole cut out of the middle. I did, and Maia’s been loving this new format! Hole in Paper Art for Kids

Strawberry shortcake!


We just cooked (and ate) strawberry shortcake! Mmm. What a perfect way to spoil our dinner appetite on a 4th of July weekend. The recipe is here, from Martha Stewart. I followed a link from Angry Chicken's holiday weekend post, and salivated over almost all of the summer berry desserts, including this star spangled shortcake,…

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Painting tiny


As a complete contrast to the large body paintings Maia did, here are some tiny paintings of hers. I've been trying to get this post up for a couple days now, and it seems like every time I sit down at the computer the baby wakes up or Maia needs my attention or something. I…

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