Strawberry shortcake!

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We just cooked (and ate) strawberry shortcake! Mmm. What a perfect way to spoil our dinner appetite on a 4th of July weekend. The recipe is here, from Martha Stewart. I followed a link from Angry Chicken's holiday weekend post, and salivated over almost all of the summer berry desserts, including this star spangled shortcake, but in the end decided to keep it simple and classic.


Maia, with the crazy self-directed hairdo and my apron falling off her hips, was my partner in crime, as she is with most baking in this house.


She always gets bits of crust, bread dough, or, in this case, biscuit dough to make her own creations. This time she rolled the dough into tiny balls which she lined up along the edge of a cake pan to cook "for the fairies."



Happy 4th of July everyone!

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  1. says

    Gorgeous Jean,
    The photo of your in-house sous chef on the chair at the sink is precious.
    I’m off to our Sunday markets right now and strawberries will definitely be on the list.
    Happy 4th,