Cinnamon twists – yum!

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Maia and I made cinnamon twists yesterday. They were delicious! Between making the dough, letting it rise, rolling and twisting it into shape, letting them rise again, baking them (yes, these are baked doughnuts!), then dipping them in butter and cinnamon sugar, it was a half day affair. But easy and so worth it! Maia loved the process, although I have to say that she probably loved the product even more! By the way, I used half white whole wheat flour this time and they worked great. I might even try all white whole wheat next time.

When the doughnuts were finished we had several platefuls! So many doughnuts! So we piled in the car and delivered them to Harry at work and to friends.

Maia starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks. It’s hard to believe that my mornings baking and creating with her are about to change. Instead it’ll be a mad rush to get her to school by 8am. I suppose afternoons will become our time to do these things, perhaps as a way to wind down and reconnect after school (and maybe dinner will just make itself – ha). I imagine we have a bit of a transition ahead of us!

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  1. says

    those look so yummy!!! we are so making those.
    your in the same situation i was in my oldest went off to kindergarten and my youngest was under a year (she was 5 months old). Its hard but now you’ll get all that one on one time with the baby. :)!

  2. says

    Oh my I am in the same transition boat right now. It is the hardest thing I have done. Well that’s because I am sitting here right now and my oldest is at over night camp for three nights four days and my youngest goes to kindergarten in about three weeks. I have a daycare in my home that the youngest has grown up in. BIG Changes!!:(

  3. Amanda says

    LOVE that you made the doughnuts into twists! I have made the same recipe in the past and YES they are so worth the time! recipe makes lots and they not as good leftover–so plenty to share while hot. Life is always changing isnt it and we just only take notice the big ones like our children growing up. My “baby” is going to PreK this year–hes ready and I”m not. He is so much more arts and crafts than my older and I will miss our current routine. I am actively trying to find things we can still do after he comes home from school. Is there ever enough time to do all the things you really want to? Worried now because he will have ART time in school and while I want that to be fun I also want him to still enjoy producing art with me. By the way I discovered MaryAnn Kohl’s “Great Artists” book at our library and can’t wait to try those activities with all my kids–they look appealing to every age!

  4. says

    you speak so nobly of this transition time ahead! i have a knot in my stomach. letting go and realizing sienna will be away for so much of the week is tough for me right now. :(

  5. says

    Well, I have mixed feelings about it, too. Like every mom, I imagine. For one thing I always thought I would homeschool so I feel like a bit of a failure on that front. And I’m going to miss having as much good time together. But on the other hand, I really believe (and hope!) that Maia will thrive in kindergarten, with other children and other teachers. And also believe that we need a bit of a break from each other on a regular basis.

  6. says

    I know. It’s rather peaceful with just the baby. :) On the other hand, she is SO entertained by Maia and all her antics. I think she’ll miss her during the day.

  7. Agnes says

    My 5 yo son will start kindergarten next month too, and I feel sad that I have him in the mornings anymore. But, we have been spending this summer doing lots more art than we have in the past. I’ve just been more proactive about setting up the supplies for him to discover and it’s been a great way for us to reconnect when his sister is napping. We made our first suncatcher with contact paper yesterday! Your blog is my definite go-to when I want to do an art project with him. Thanks so much and enjoy this transitional period. I will enjoy the quiet mornings with my 22 mo old daughter!!

  8. Agnes says

    Oops, I mean I’m sad that I won’t have him in the mornings anymore! That’s what happens when you’re typing and breastfeeding at the same time!