Kid-made birthday banner

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I thought I'd post a little more about our birthday party preparations. Maia wanted to make a sign that said, "Welcome to my party," so we gathered our materials last weekend, and got started. First, we unrolled a length of paper from her easel to form the base of the banner, and got started with the words.


Maia wrote the letters out on colored construction paper. I finally found some construction paper that I like, by the way. It's called Tru-Ray Sulfite construction paper and I ordered it from Discount School Supply. It's not any more expensive than other construction paper, but the paper and color quality are both better.


It was my job to cut out the letters (according to Maia), something I was happy to do while she wrote.


After all the letters were cut out, Maia decided she wanted to paint her banner first. Here she's using tempera paint and her own patented color mixing technique (actually it's a technique that's probably used by children around the world!).



Once the paint was dry, we glued the letters on.


And hung the banner up in the living room to enjoy until party time! I love how involved Maia has been in planning and preparing for her birthday party. I don't remember ever being that into my birthday when I was a kid, but Maia's been talking about her birthday all year long. She's so excited!

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  1. says

    This is so colourful! And the fact that it’s made by her in entirety makes it priceless! I can’t wait to see the pics of how the handmade birthday party will turn out to be!

  2. Amanda Norman says

    I LOVE this! Its so creative, its beautiful, its artful, its lovely, its….priceless!Great job Maia!

  3. says

    Fun! What a beautiful banner! An awesome and one-of-a-kind way to be welcomed to a party, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for sharing and for the mention of Discount School Supply!
    -Laurel from Discount School Supply

  4. Himadri says

    this is a big project for a girl of maia’s age…its grt to see how she started and successfully finished the process…the banner is beautiful….well done Maia….is she growing her hair? i am loving her long hair…she looks even preetier…god bless her.

  5. says

    Adorable birthday banner!
    I love tru-ray paper – it was the only kind I ever ordered for my classroom!! Glad to hear I can still get it thru Discount School Supply!! We are big fans of the contractor paper here too!! Thanks so much for introducing us to it : )
    Happy Birthday Maia!!