DIY Monster Costume from Childs Drawing

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Purple Monster Costume from Kid's Drawing

The purple monster costume is finally finished!

And about time, too.

Maia asked for it way back in May and I dawdled (and dawdled some more), partly because I had no idea how to go about making one and partly because I couldn’t find much time to sew.

But here you go…

A DIY Monster Costume from a Child’s Drawing

Purple Monster Costume from Kids Drawing

We picked out the fabric together (purple crushed velvet, of course) a while back, I sketched up a possible translation of her awesome drawing (above), and eventually it all came together.

Purple Monster Costume from Kids Drawing

I was winging it the whole time, but am pretty happy with how the costume turned out.

Purple Monster Costume from Kids Drawing

I attached the spikes (stiffened with heavyweight pellon) along the pant seams as well as along the top of the arms and around the edge of the hood. I altered a purple long-sleeve t-shirt as the top, which made it a little easier, I think, although maybe I’m fooling myself.

It looks cool, anyway.

And makes me want to experiment with altering more t-shirts.

Purple Monster Costume from Kids Drawing

Not too bad for a DIY monster costume, eh?

The only thing that I’m not so happy with is is the hood. It needs some tweaking. I was hoping the spikes would stand up and out, away from her face, but am not sure how to make them do that.

Any ideas?

Maia’s completely in love with the costume, though, so maybe I shouldn’t worry about it!

Purple Monster Costume from Kids Drawing

The pants have a fold-over yoga-style waistband, which worked out really well.

Now I’m just wondering what she’ll dress up as for her birthday party! A princess or a monster? Or maybe a costume change half way through?

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  1. [email protected] says

    Great costume. If she is in love with it, it is perfect! Remember you did it for her not foe you!

  2. says

    The costume is awesome! I love the hood – especially from the back – looks like a cape with hood – very chic purple monster. No wonder she loves it!

  3. says

    You have done an amazing job. If I were a child I would like the way the hood falls around the face. It’s mysterious and monsterly :)

  4. Nicole says

    Very cute. My mom made me a flower costume with the petals at 180 degrees from my face when I was about that age – I think she sewed in a long thin channel in each petal and stuffed it with wire (maybe from a hanger?) so she could bend it up… sewing up the channel so it wouldn’t poke me of course.

  5. says

    That is amazing! You did a fantastic job! I will not be showing this post to my girls because they will want me to make them one for sure! I am not a great sewer (yet). Maybe one day!

  6. says

    Wow! I love the costume! And Maia looks super cute and super happy in that. And why not! After-all she’s designed it! You both make a great designer duo… :)
    Don’t fret about the spikes not standing away from her face…She looks so cute with those falling over her face and she looking through it with half closed eyes! Pls give her a hug from my side. God bless her…

  7. Michaela says

    What an awesome costume, and such a fun project since Maia got to help design it! I hope I can learn to sew like that someday (and also find the time to follow through with a project!)

  8. Ann says

    Super – just a wonderful translation of her drawing! I tend to alter sweat pants/shirts with my boys for their halloween costumes each year and have fun with it. Using Pellon is a great idea, I will definitely try that with the ones we have to do this fall. My 9 year old wants to be a dust bunny so I have some thinking on that one.

  9. says

    of course she’s thrilled with it, it’s gorgeous! bravo super mommy! i vote for costume change halfway through. ;)

  10. says

    My suggestion is the same as an earlier poster but I suggest NOT using wire, use flexible aquarium tubing from the petstore. It is much safer! I’d sew it into a channel around the entire hood (framing the face) and then frame each point with it as well. OR you might be able to just get away with interfacing in the points.

  11. says

    It looks great! just like her picture, I am sure she loves it just as it is, I won’t be showing my son this post…it might give him ideas lol

  12. michelle says

    no-don’t change it! i love the hood as is. not really a mask, but not really a hood…she can hide a little behind it which prob makes her feel all the more like a monster!

  13. Jaimie says

    You have officially just earned the title of Best.Mom.Ever. I will totally be stealing this idea, but I doubt I will be able to translate a drawing of my daughter’s to fabric as well as you. This is awesome!

  14. Jaimie says

    PS She does look absolutely *thrilled* with her costume. And I love her stance in the first photo–so confident.

  15. kelli says

    What a wonderful costume!
    Of course you should make a 2-piece princess costume so it can be interchanged with the top and bottom of the monster. That would be awesome.

  16. says

    oh yay! I’m so glad you actually went through with it. It turned out just like the drawing and totally wearable! well done. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to ask my daughter to draw something yet!