A birthday cupcake for Daphne

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My baby turned one yesterday! I couldn't resist sharing the requisite first-birthday icing-all-over-the-face photos. The cupcakes were carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and, as you can see from the photo, were thoroughly enjoyed. 

Happy birthday, sweet Daphne!

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  1. says

    happy birthday to sweet, sweet daphne and happy birth day to you, too, mama!!
    i know i still need to get over there and get that crown….trying to settle into a routine with two schools now! :)

  2. MaryAnn F. Kohl, art author says

    A true rite of passage… the icing on the face pictures! It’s going to be fun to see more of Daphne on the Artful Parent as she blossoms from babyhood to childhood.

  3. Michele de Jesus says

    Oh my gosh how she’s grown! She’s darling. Such lovely girls you have. Cute top! He he, she’s loving the cream cheese frosting. Don’t we all! Happy birthday!

  4. says

    Oh, look at that sweet face! I love the doubtful expression changing into pure joy. I think one of the best parts of parenting is seeing your child experience things for the first time. It brings a depth to life that just can’t be achieved anywhere else. Happy 1st birthday Daphne!!

  5. says

    She is SUCH a little cutie. Lovely stuff.
    I also like that you chose a simple way to celebrate her first birthday. I have grown very tired of the circus that is the first birthday these days. I say, wait until your child can appreciate the fun, the day is really not about showing off to your friends!!! x