DIY mazes and dot-to-dots

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Sometimes Maia and I hang out at the kitchen table and draw dot-to-dots for each other. I don't remember how this started exactly, but we've been doing it every once in a while for a couple of years now. She makes them for me to trace and I make them for her to trace. The one above is Maia's. When she was younger she would would just make random dots all over the page for me to connect up. Now she lines them up to form a more coherent shape or design.


Here's a super simple one I made for Maia. I generally keep mine fairly abstract although I've been known to do a unicorn on request.


Sometimes Maia makes dot-to-dots for herself to trace.


This one started out as a dot-to-dot and turned into a maze, which I think is pretty cool. (We also draw straight-up mazes for each other sometimes.)

Fun times at our table with simple paper and markers!

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    Yes, plaster of paris holding the caps in the bowl. We’ve used it for about three years now and really like it. It’s an idea from MaryAnn Kohl’s “First Art.”

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    I love this idea! My son loves both dot to dots and mazes…but I never thought to do then myself! Duh! Thank you. Btw…linked to you on Friday. Hope that was ok. Love your site and just wanted to share it!

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    My 3-year-old and I do lots and lots of open-ended art projects at our house but she hasn’t been interested in drawing for awhile (hopefully a short phase?)…she wants to get messy and mix colors and glue stuff etc. But this looks fun and I think she would enjoy it!