We’re hooked on glitter glue!

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I bought Maia this set of glitter glue for her birthday and she’s been using it almost nonstop since. We had previously tried a couple different brands of glitter glue pens (I don’t remember what kind) that were really hard to squeeze. I mean really hard. So I tossed them, and have been leery of glitter glue since. But someone recommended Discount School Supply’s glitter glue, so I decided to give it another try since Maia loves glue and loves glitter. I’m so glad I did! 


These obviously aren’t the pen kind, and maybe that’s the key. These are regular old glue squeeze bottles with lovely, sparkly glitter glue inside.


Maia often gets her glitter glue out after school and draws pictures while we sit at the table together and talk about her day.


In fact, she seems to love these so much that I would’ve sworn she would say glitter glue when I asked her about her favorite art material. Her answer? Crayons. Who knew? (Although I wonder if her answer would be different on a different day.)


Here’s one of her glitter glue pictures once the glue has dried. The glue doesn’t stay quite as puffy after it dries, but is definitely still raised. I’m planning to suggest a crayon rubbing of one of these soon. Wouldn’t that be neat? And I’ve read about making prints from a dried glue drawing — probably from one of MaryAnn’s books. So many possibilities…

So, is your family into glitter glue?

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  1. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Has anyone made their own glitter glue? I make my own colored glue, but haven’t tried glitter yet.

  2. says

    I’ll have to check that company out. We, too, have been frustrated by the pens. My dd loves the stuff, too. Thanks for the idea! I’ve seen raised pictures used for rubbings before. At a park event they had a bunch of sea creatures drawn out with glitter glue on cardboard, and the kids made crayon rubbings of them. Worked really well.

  3. says

    My son loves glitter glue too and we have had the same problem with the small tubes..SO frustrating!!! Thanks for sharing about these..I can’t wait to get some!

  4. misha- art teacher says

    My students love glitter glue. I read my kindy and first graders the book called: Rainbow Fish. We then draw the fish (them on their paper, me on my big paper) and then they can add glitter glue to the fish. When the glue is dry (in a day) we add liquid watercolor to the drawing to make him colorful and put some water in the piece.

  5. amy says

    Yes! and had great fun this summer making a “suncatcher” mobile (w/ 3-1/2 and 5-1/2 year olds)
    1. Trace coloring book pictures (simple shapes) onto stiff plastic (from whatever packaging)using sharpies, color w/ sharpies, if desired
    2. Cut out pictures and punch holes in the tip
    3. add gobs of glitter glue to the shapes, let dry
    4. hang w/ thread as a mobile
    I’m always inspired by your suncatcher variations… this was one of mine. both kids totally got into it, and they are so proud to tell friends they made their mobiles.

  6. dynajenn says

    Fun! Make sure you save the bottles, you can refill with glue (clear or white, although the white takes a while to dry clear and see the full glittery effect) and glitter. I use a very fine glitter, someone gave me some Martha Stewart stuff which works quite well. Speaking of glitter, you can add glitter or glitter glue to tempra paint to make a nice shimmery effect. If you mix your own glue and glitter and not use a squeeze bottle, the glitter shapes are very cool.

  7. says

    this is so sweet, love that she has got different shirts on to kind of show how many days she’s been digging this stuff. cute – and of course, glitter rocks!

  8. [email protected] says

    hey jean, where do you get the discount art supplies brand stuff? you mention it a couple of times (the roll of art paper for your easel). locally?

  9. says

    Jean, First of all, I love your blog. I have a 2 year old at home and have enjoyed doing many of your projects with him (we made a contact paper collage last night!). But I also use your ideas regularly in my day job. I am a Program Manager for a non profit organization called Free Arts that brings thereputic arts programming to abused, homeless and at-risk youth in Phoenix. Your blog has become a great resource for our 100+ mentors working with these very special kids each week. Thanks you for your conintued inspiration and for the impact you have had on so many lives all over the country!

  10. says

    Thanks for this post. My daughter LOVES glitter and we have been having trouble with the glitter pens that are just too much work for her three year old hands. I will have to look for this product.

  11. [email protected] says

    I’ve been using glitter glue with my daughter (Now 4) since she was 2 and she loves it!
    We used the Rose art kind from Target that come in large cylindrical tubes which have been easy to use for even a 2 year old (except for opening). We’ve decorated hearts for v-day garland, eggs for easter(garland too), and just for fun! I love using it too! I agree that some of those smaller tubes by crayola and other generic brands are awful! I can understand why you were discouraged!
    I notice your daughter just turned 5 and in KDg now, how is that going? Everyone seems to wait if they have late B-days so that is why I ask? My daughters’s 5th b-day will be in July. So many teacher friends tell me to wait.

  12. says

    Glitter glue at our library is a favorite storytime craft art supply, but it goes so FAST. A box of 72 little glitter glue pens – I usually get Colorsplash – lasts for maybe 4 craft times. The kids get a couple squeezes out of each pen, and then that’s it. They can’t squeeze hard enough to get the dregs, and I can’t afford to buy more pens!
    So…how fast does the stuff pour out of those bottles? Do you feel they’d last with a group of glitter-happy preschoolers?

  13. says

    My daughter loves loves loves glitter of any kind. She likes glitter glue but we run out a lot (I’ll have to try the discount school supply kind), so she’s often reduced to drawing with regular glue and sprinkling dry glitter on it. She got a stapler of her very own over the weekend and the other night came up with this: She used colored paper and made picture frames by cutting squares out of one piece and stapling the piece with the whole onto another piece (using many many MANY staples). Then she scotch taped a picture into the window and finished off by decorating with many swirls of glittered-up glue. I wish I had a photo to show you!
    Tonight she expanded the idea by making a bunch of frames and stapling them together for a photo album. No glue or glitter this time though.

  14. Rachel says

    thx for the recommendation! will be added to the stocking stuffer list… if i can wait that long! my boys love the idea of g.glue but like m were frustrated by the difficulty to squeeze. i look forward to getting these!

  15. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Neither. We have tons of old markers from preschool. Inside is a fiber tube of color. I pull it out and put it in the glue. It takes from a couple of days to a week to color the glue.

  16. Amanda says

    We are in love with glitter glue too! Thanks for the recommendation for the Discount supply brand. We played with the pens together the other day and MY hands were sore after that!

  17. char says

    We have phases when the glitter glue is out at every opportunity. I sort of cringe (mostly on the inside, I hope) when I see my son make huge piles of it, all the colors on one spot the size of a quarter… I try so hard not to say anything to stifle his exploration… We have not had problems with the little tubes, but we go through it fast enough that I would like to try the brand you have–then I might not cringe when huge amounts get used at one sitting.
    PS PLEASE BE AWARE THAT GLITTER CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY TO THE EYES IF IT GETS ON HANDS AND HANDS THEN RUB THE EYES. (It is not so hard to imagine this happening.) Enjoy the sparkly bliss!!!

  18. says

    Thanks SO much for this great post, Jean. Colorations Glitter Glue is really fun and it’s great to see it in use in such fun ways… And I love your idea about doing a crayon rubbing!
    Thanks again,
    Laurel from Discount School Supply

  19. [email protected] says

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  20. NotCinderell says

    Thank you so much for this entry! I’m doing the decorations for a school fundraiser, and I’m looking for easy to apply glitter glue. I was intrigued by this product as it appeared to be a particularly cost-effective choice.
    I appreciate the photos of your daughter holding the bottles as well as the pictures of her art, as they give me a good idea as to how large the bottles are, how they apply, and what the product looks like once dry!
    All the best to you and yours!