Easy Jack-o-lantern suncatcher

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This halloween craft is super easy. It's a simple tissue paper and contact paper suncatcher with jack-o-lantern details drawn on with a permanent marker (as with the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass project).


First, I cut out a circle of orange tissue paper for the pumpkin at Maia's request and she cut out a green rectangle for the stem. She started cutting out a bat from black tissue paper but got too frustrated with her bat-cutting skills and gave up. Maia adhered the tissue paper shapes onto the sticky side of the clear contact paper in front of her.


She could have folded the rest of the sticky paper over at this point and drawn the jack-o-lantern face on the outside of the contact paper, but she chose to draw the face directly on the tissue paper. She doesn't look very happy, does she? She's still sad about that bat and nothing I said seemed to help.


Here, she folded the contact paper over, sandwiching the jack-o-lantern in between the two layers.


Now, she's decided to draw more details on the outside of the contact paper suncatcher.


She drew two bats and wrote "Happy Halloween Party."


And here's the finished suncatcher! Besides pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, I think ghosts would be easy and fun. Although you could really do this with just about any image.

Have you been making any Halloween crafts? Maia's been drawing halloween scenes — skeletons and ghosts and lots of jack-o-lanterns — but that's about it. Perhaps we'll try some crafty projects this weekend…

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  1. says

    super cute! what a great idea. we’ve been up to our elbows over here in halloween artsy craftiness…i’ve been informed it’s our favorite holiday! ;-) now i just need to get busy and get some posts up.

  2. says

    cool, we need to try this. we did your q-tip pointillism craft the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it (perhaps me even more than the kids, i did it too). love all of your fantastic, creative ideas!

  3. says

    We started working on a Halloween wreath, a la the Color Color Color blog. We decorated some wooden cutouts from A.C. Moore (pumpkin, cat, scarecrow, etc) and have plans to wire them to the grapevine wreath form but we haven’t gotten to that stage yet. Maybe tomorrow!

  4. says

    Fun! We cut out some large shapes (pumpkin and bat) from our roll of contractor’s paper and let the kids paint them. They had so much fun, seems that with my kids simple = fun. We also made some ghosts out of a craft book from the library (sorry don’t have the name handy) out of spray starch and tissues over a bottle, which was also easy and fun. (Fun seems to be my word today.)

  5. says

    OOOH! I LOVE using contact paper with kids too! It is a “have to have” for every holiday in a prek class room!
    My goodness she’s got some awesome handwriting going on there too! What a cutie!! Way to go Maia!!

  6. Rachel says

    thx for the idea! we started to do this but then i didn’t have any orange tissue paper… so we improvised and changed it up a bit. i helped the boys trace a bunch of smallish circles out of yellow tissue paper, helped them cut them out, and then went from there. they drew in the circles (justin drew faces and clowns and other people, nathan drew other circles and “wheels”) and arranged them on the contact paper. we also didn’t have much contact paper :0 so we didn’t add the top piece… just stuck them directly onto the windows. and now i want a nap! :)