A paper maché wreath

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Maia and I made our own paper maché wreath to hang indoors. It's sort of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of the wreath world, but we love it and had fun making it!


We started by cutting a wreath shape from cardboard (We traced a large bowl for the outer perimeter and a smaller bowl for the inner to get the shape.) then spreading glue over the front.


Maia and I wadded up newspaper and stuck the balls of newspaper in the glue.


In preparation for doing the paper maché, we mixed our paste (1 cup flour, 2 cups water, 3 Tbsp salt, 1/2 cup glue) and tore newspaper strips.


We then covered the wreath form and newspaper balls with the newspaper strips dipped in paste.


After the paste dried, Maia and her friend Marlise painted the wreath using green and purple tempera paint and sprinkles of glitter.


And we hung the wreath on the chalkboard with Maia's "Merry Christmas", Daphne's scribbles, and my stars. It's held on with lots of double sided tape on the back which isn't working so well (it's already fallen down twice) so I think we'll hang it with a ribbon.


I'm loving our homemade decorations! We get to enjoy them twice — first while making them and then while viewing them all around us.

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  1. says

    How sweet! We made a paper and sticky-backed-plastic wreath a week or so ago for our living room door. Like you said, we get to enjoy it again now its hanging up. (And also like you, ours has fallen down already – but ours was hit by a football doing 50mph!!!!!)

  2. Holly says

    Aw so sweet. I love this idea and was wondering if it would work for garland. Maybe making smaller balls of newspaper, decorating and then stringing w/ yarn :)

  3. says

    That’s such a fun idea! I think I may do one with my 4 year old daughter next week. She loves papier mache and painting so this would really suit her.