Our house of color: hanging children’s art around the home

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I thought I'd share a few photos today from around our house. I've been rearranging what we have on the walls and hanging some of the kids' artwork. Some I popped into frames, some I hung (or taped up) without framing. Here's the living room, above.


Remember Kai-Lan in the lower left? And there's the tape resist canvas above.


This oil pastel drawing by Maia is one of my favorites. It's hard to tell, but she wrote "house of color" across the middle. I just love it! And it feels like our colorful, somewhat jumbled house.


Here's that sun I commissioned, lighting up the bedroom wall. This space needs some work — I realized halfway through that I have plenty of framed baby photos of Maia and none of Daphne. So it's on hold until I can rectify the situation.

See the two pieces at the top? They are portraits Maia drew of Harry and me with colored pencil.


Here's me, with my short hair, glasses, and dangly earrings.


And here's Harry with his stubble. Love it!


And here's a not-so-great photo of them framed. Anyway, there you go, a few glimpses around our house of color…

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  1. Rachel says

    jean (and everyone else), here’s a link to the blog of an AWESOME local photographer… and see the pics she took of our sweet desmond last week. i’d love to see what she could do with daphne!
    i love all these pictures… thx for reminding me to (someday!) finally switch out the kids’ art around here!

  2. says

    I can’t think of any better wall adornments than kids’ artwork. Our house is much the same–framed photos and kids’ artwork, some framed, some not. I also have a huge bulletin board in the kitchen where I rotate work, and I hang recent work up in our studio when we’re done with it, sort of as ongoing inspiration. I think it’s a very powerful statement to our kids, to frame their work and hang it up where all can see. It says, What you do is important to me, and you are, too.

  3. says

    This is so inspiring. I love the way you’ve displayed everything. I really need to frame some of my children’s creations. I also love that giant chalkboard in the back of the room in the first picture– how cool!

  4. Jennifer3 says

    How fun! My boys (7, 5, and 2) did some Christmas art that we have framed and up right now. It makes me happy to see their work up around the house. I am glad I had a lot of extra frames around, I love the importance a frame gives to the look of their art.

  5. says

    We love to display our kids’ artwork, I think it’s the best way to show them that you value their creativity and their creations. My 3-year-old likes to hang it up herself with scotch tape so there are haphazard pieces all over the house (every once in awhile I go through and “declutter”) Before we moved we had a long hallway that I lined with three strings and clothespins for a rotating display (amazing how quickly it filled up!) and I need to do that again in our new house.

  6. says

    One of the great things about my house is that I live in a log cabin with wood walls. So I just staple my kids art on the walls! Easy and fun!
    Love your art displays.

  7. simplegirl says

    beautiful and sweet. i think you’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but what sort of tape do you use on the walls for unframed pieces?

  8. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now. Maia is the same age as my daughter. Reading this post and seeing the pictures of her art makes me realize just how IMPRESSIVE Maia’s art has become! Good job, mom!

  9. kate says

    I love your gallery, and I really love the sun.
    I just finished making a gallery of my 2 year old’s work with a type of frame you might like. It is hinged so that you can open it and place pictures easily, and it acts as a cabinet, holding up to 50 pictures (supposedly.) They are available in several standard paper sizes (8 1/2 x 11, 9x 12, 12 x 18 and 18x 24). Kind of expensive, but the effect of multiple framed peices together is really cool, its super easy to update the display, and I rationalize that we’ll be using them for years. They are sold by “dynamic frames” under the slightly stupid name “lil davinci.” The company should give you some to review!