Alternative uses for art supplies

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Our colored masking tape, used creatively.

Feel free to share any alternative ways your children (or you) have used art supplies… I'd love to hear! Oh, another one for us — playdough used as candle holders and also as a sort of vase for flowers (the flowers didn't live long).

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  1. Jennifer3 says

    Love the tape feet! My boys were so quiet in the backyard one day. I went out to see a complicated highway of masking tape all over the yard. They were driving their scooters all along it. They ended up getting out the chalk and making houses, stores, police and fire, etc… They played cooperatively together for hours!

  2. Marianne @ says

    One New Year’s Eve, we had friends recommend to use the playdoh, still in its container, as a way for young ones to “hold” a lit sparkler without the risk of getting burned.

  3. says

    The other day my daughter decoupaged one of the beams in our loft with school glue and white paper. Not my favorite thing she’s ever done!

  4. says

    Lots of little ones (especially boys, I’ve noticed) discover that the markers (with caps on) can be stacked end to end to make reeeeeeeeeeeeeealy long/tall structures/swords/towers. They also like to put the markekr caps on the ends of each of their fingers to make claws/colorful fingernails, etc. This is not EXACTLY on topic, but somewhat related…I always get a kick out of it when I introduce the little squeeze bottles with white glue to my groups and a little one (usually under 2) who has never seen them before, inevitably will put it in his/her mouth like a baby bottle! So cute and innocent and really speaks to what blank slates they are as we introduce all these new sights, sounds, textures, tools, and materials to them. We take for granted their “obvious” purpose, but to them it is all new and ripe with possibilities that we haven’t even entertained.

  5. says

    This is great. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set up an art project, even open-ended art projects, only to have my daughter re-purpose the whole thing.
    Very cute interpretation with the tape and feetsies! And very creative.

  6. Acacia @ Be Present says

    My think-outside-the-box 3 yo son is always using our art supplies for other things. I wish I could think of one off hand…. Ah, the other day, his homemade crayon discs became pancakes while I was cooking breakfast. He has some giant cardboard cyclinders in his re-purposing box that end up being incorporated in scads of games… They end up all over the place.

  7. says

    Last week in one of my art classes, I had bubble wrap out for the kids to use for making bubble prints. I reminded them how they could roll out the paint onto the bubbles to make a print- but one child put it on the floor and began to jump on it to make popping sounds. So we slid some paper underneath and began making “jumping prints.” I never would have thought of that!
    I posted some photos our jumping prints at: